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The Center for Media and Democracy publishes news stories about the American Legislative Exchange Council, its corporate funders and policymakers, and its allied special interest groups, like the American City County Exchange and the State Policy Network with affiliates in states across the country here on A list of CMD's reporting on ALEC is provided below.

CMD's team also pitches stories to major newspaper, magazine, TV, and radio outlets across the country and internationally. Some of these stories are available here, which includes major press about ALEC that CMD's research aided along with articles by other reporters, public interest groups, and citizen journalists.

To find out more about which corporations fund ALEC, which federal and state legislators have been part of ALEC, and their lobbying agendas, please check out our clearinghouse for our award-winning investigation and on all things ALEC here

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About ALEC

Corporate Agenda

ALEC's Agenda in States

ALEC and Democracy

    ALEC and "Tort Reform"

    Dumping ALEC

    ALEC, Guns, and "Stand Your Ground"

      ALEC and the Kochs

      ALEC and Worker Rights

      ALEC and Education

      ALEC and Economic Policy

      ALEC, Immigration, and Prisons

      ALEC and Health Care

      ALEC and the Environment

      ALEC's Tax Status and "Scholarships"

      ALEC and the Media

      ALEC Nationally

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