Newly Released Documents Shed Light on Years of Environmental Lies

July 31, 2017: WNYC-The Takeaway: Thousands of pages of documents compiled from lawsuits against Dow, Monsanto, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Air Force are now in the public domain. Through the work of a project called the Poison Papers, under the Center for Media and Democracy, the collection is online and, according to the people who published them, they reveal years of apparent collusion between chemical companies and regulatory agencies.

Why Did Sessions Settle a Massive Russian Fraud Case?

7-13-2017 Background Briefing with Ian Masters: ... [W]e examine further what looks like a massive cover-up by the Trump Administration of a brazen Russian money laundering scheme that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions settled at a huge loss after Donald Trump had fired the U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case, using the firing of all of the U.S. Attorneys as a cover at the time.

Battleground Wisconsin Podcast Exposes Bradley Foundation

May 12, 2017: We welcome the Center for Media and Democracy's Deputy Director, Mary Bottari to discuss their extensive investigation into the Bradley Foundation's "weaponized philanthropy." New recently released information reveals in tremendous detail how the Bradley Foundation has spent hundreds of millions in tax deductible money to build a huge partisan apparatus across the country molded on what they have already done to Wisconsin.

Trump Meeting Raises Ethical Concerns

NPR, Marketplace Morning Report, November 21, 2016: There are concerns about ethics and propriety after Donald Trump met last week with three business partners from India. The three are involved with Trump Tower Mumbai, a luxury apartment complex that bears the Trump name, and they've told Indian media that they hope to do more business with the Trumps. The meeting raised questions about the fact that Trump still hasn't agreed to put a wall between himself and his global business holdings, which include operations in at least 18 countries.

Money and Politics (Part 2)

Sunday Edition, May 31, 2015

One of the most influential political organizations in the United States, is the American Legislative Exchange Council -- known as ALEC. It is an alliance of elected politicians and corporate bigwigs. It has been exerting its influence on the political landscape since its beginnings more than four decades ago.

John Stauber on Toxic Flame Retardants and "Toxic Sludge" 20th Anniversary

In a new interview with Charles Margulis at the Center for Environmental Health John Stauber--the founder of the Center for Media and Democracy, which publishes PRWatch.org--discusses "toxic flame retardants" and the 20th anniversary of the publication of his classic expose of the public relations industry, "Toxic Sludge Is Good for You."