Still Not the News: TV Stations

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Click on the station links below for contact details and other information on each TV newsroom, including previous use of video news releases (VNRs). Click on the client links below for more information on the VNR(s) they funded and how their material was used across all stations.

Television stations marked with an asterisk (*) were also cited in April's "Fake TV News" report.
VNRs marked with a "1" were aired with clear disclosure of the funding source.
VNRs marked with a "2" were aired with brief or ambiguous disclosure of the funding source.








WAKA-8 CBS Bahakel Communications Montgomery AL 1 General Motors
KBAK-29 CBS Westwind Communications Bakersfield CA 1 Novartis
KCOP-13 Fox/My Network Fox/News Corporation Los Angeles CA 2 Oticon A/S, Novartis
KFMB-8 CBS Midwest Television San Diego CA 1 General Mills
KGO-7 ABC ABC/Disney San Francisco CA 1 Allstate
KGTV-10 ABC McGraw-Hill San Diego CA 1 CARFAX.com2
KHSL-12 CBS Catamount Broadcast Group Chico CA 1 Allstate
XETV-6 Fox Grupo Televisa San Diego CA 1 Siemens
KUSA-9 NBC Gannett Broadcasting Denver CO 1
WTIC-61 Fox Tribune Broadcasting Hartford CT 1 Vivometrics
WFLA-8 NBC Media General, Inc. Tampa FL 1 American College of Physicians
WKMG-6 CBS Post-Newsweek Corporation Orlando FL 1 Old Mother Hubbard
WLTV-23 Univision Univision Communications Miami FL 1 Siemens
WSVN-7 Fox Sunbeam Television Miami FL 1 Barr Pharmaceuticals
KHON-2 Fox Montecito Broadcast Group Honolulu HI 1 General Mills
KMEG-14 CBS Waitt Media Sioux City IA 1 Oticon A/S
WSBT-22 CBS Schurz Communications South Bend IN 1 American College of Physicians
KLFY-10 CBS Young Broadcasting Lafayette LA 2 Allstate, General Motors
WBRZ-2* ABC Manship Media Baton Rouge LA 1 Siemens
WLVI-56 WB Tribune Broadcasting Boston MA 1 Oticon A/S
KMSP-9 Fox/My Network Fox/News Corporation Minneapolis MN 1 General Motors
KSFX-27 Fox Nexstar Broadcasting Group Springfield MO 1 Novartis
WDAF-4* Fox/My Network Fox/News Corporation Kansas City MO 1 General Motors
WTOK-11 ABC Gray Communications Meridian MS 1 TCS Daily
WCTI-12* ABC Lamco Communications New Bern NC 1 Companion Animal Parasite Council
NY1* Cable Time Warner New York NY 1 American College of Physicians2
WPIX-11* WB Tribune Broadcasting New York NY 1 General Motors
WUHF-31 Fox Sinclair Broadcasting Rochester NY 1 General Mills
WCPO-9* ABC E.W. Scripps Company Cincinnati OH 1 CA1
WDTN-2 NBC Lin TV Corporation Dayton OH 1 CARFAX.com2
WSYX-6* ABC Sinclair Broadcasting Columbus OH 1 Novartis
WYTV-33* ABC Chelsey Broadcasting Youngstown OH 1 Advanced Medical Optics
KOIN-6 CBS Montecito Broadcast Group Portland OR 1 CA
KPTV-12 Fox Meredith Corporation Portland OR 1 Nelson's Rescue Sleep
CN8 Cable Comcast Corporation Philadelphia PA 5 Nelson's Rescue Sleep, General Mills (Wheaties), Trend Micro, Allstate, General Mills (Bisquick)
KYW-3* CBS CBS Philadelphia PA 1 Barr Pharmaceuticals1
WMGM-40 NBC Access.1 Communications Philadelphia PA 1 Matrixx Initiatives
WJAR-10 NBC Media General, Inc. Providence RI 1 GlaxoSmithKline
KSFY-13 ABC Wicks Television LLC Sioux Falls SD 3 Siemens, Matrixx Initiatives, American College of Physicians2
WTNZ-43 Fox Raycom Media Knoxville TN 1 American College of Physicians
KLBK-13* CBS Nexstar Broadcasting Lubbock TX 1 Old Mother Hubbard
KVCT-19 Fox Saga Communications of Texas Victoria TX 1 Siemens
KXXV-25 ABC Centrex Television Waco TX 1 Oticon A/S
ABC News ABC Walt Disney Company National 1 Barr Pharmaceuticals
First Business Syndicated Weigel Group National 1 Siemens
E! Cable Comcast/Disney National 1 Victoria's Secret