Fake TV News: List of Stations

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Click on the station links below for details on how each television newsroom incorporated video news releases (VNRs) and/or related satellite media tours (SMTs) into their news broadcasts, without adequate disclosure to viewers. Click on the client links below for more information on the VNR they funded and how it was used across all stations.

You can also download the station list in PDF format.








WBRC-6 Fox Fox/News Corporation Birmingham AL 1 Panasonic
WHNT-19 CBS New York Times Huntsville AL 1 Flower Promotion Organization
KAIT-8 ABC Liberty Corporation Jonesboro AR 2 Trend Micro, Cadillac
KGUN-9 ABC Journal Broadcast Group Tucson AZ 2 Panasonic, Knowledge Adventure
KABC-7 ABC ABC/Disney Los Angeles CA 1 Quest Diagnostics
KCBS-2 CBS Viacom Los Angeles CA 1 NetTrekker
KEYT-3 ABC Smith Broadcasting Group Santa Barbara CA 1 Texas Instruments
KMAX-31 UPN Viacom Sacramento CA 1 American Dental Association
KPIX-5 CBS Viacom San Francisco CA 1 Pfizer
KTLA-5 WB Tribune Broadcasting Los Angeles CA 1 Trend Micro
KTXL-40 Fox Tribune Broadcasting Sacramento CA 1 American Dental Association
KRDO-13 ABC Pikes Peak Broadcasting Colorado Springs CO 1 Trend Micro
KWGN-2 WB Tribune Broadcasting Denver CO 1 Trend Micro
The Daily Buzz Synd. Acme Communications National FL 1 Victoria's Secret
WBBH-2 NBC Waterman Broadcasting Ft. Myers FL 1 Capital One
WBFS-33 UPN Viacom Miami FL 1 Towers Perrin
WJXT-4 IND Post-Newsweek Corporation Jacksonville FL 1 Subway
WGCL-46 CBS Meredith Corporation Atlanta GA 1 Flower Promotion Organization
WRDW-12 CBS Gray Communications Augusta GA 1 AdSpace Networks
WTVM-9 ABC Raycom Media Columbus GA 2 AICPA, DaimlerChrysler
KGAN-2 CBS Sinclair Broadcasting Cedar Rapids IA 1 Subway
WCIA-3 CBS Nexstar Broadcasting Champaign IL 1 Siemens AG
WGN-9 WB Tribune Broadcasting Chicago IL 1 Trend Micro
WFXW-38 Fox Nexstar Broadcasting Terre Haute IN 1 General Mills
WRTV-6 ABC McGraw-Hill Indianapolis IN 1 American Dental Association
WSJV-28 Fox Quincy Newspapers South Bend IN 1 General Motors
WXIN-59 Fox Tribune Broadcasting Indianapolis IN 1 Trend Micro
WHAS-11 ABC Belo Corporation Louisville KY 1 American Dental Association
KSLA-12 CBS Raycom Media Shreveport LA 1 General Motors
KTBS-3 ABC Edwin Wray Shreveport LA 1 Panasonic
WBRZ-2 ABC Manship Media Baton Rouge LA 1 Siemens AG
WVUE-8 Fox Emmis Communications New Orleans LA 1 American Dental Association
WHDH-7 NBC Sunbeam Television Boston MA 1 Toshiba
WBFF-45 Fox Sinclair Broadcasting Baltimore MD 1 Heinz
WBOC-16 CBS Draper Communications Salisbury MD 3 Siemens VDO, General Motors, General Mills
WILX-10 NBC Gray Communications Lansing MI 2 General Motors, General Mills
WJBK-2 Fox Fox/News Corporation Detroit MI 2 NetTrekker, Cadillac
WWTV-9 CBS Heritage Broadcasting Co. Cadillac MI 1 General Motors
KAAL-6 ABC Hubbard Broadcasting Rochester MN 1 Pfizer
KFJX-14 Fox Surtsey Media Joplin/Pittsburg MO/KS 1 Siemens AG
KTVI-2 Fox Fox/News Corporation St. Louis MO 2 Masterfoods,Trend Micro
WDAF-4 Fox Fox/News Corporation Kansas City MO 1 American Dental Association
WCCB-18 Fox Bahakel Communications Charlotte NC 1 Knowledge Adventure
WCTI-12 ABC Lamco Communications New Bern NC 3 Panasonic, Sallie Mae, DaimlerChrysler
WGHP-8 Fox Fox/News Corporation Greensboro NC 1 American Dental Association
WLFL-22 WB Sinclair Broadcasting Raleigh NC 1 Panasonic
KASA-2 Fox Raycom Media Albuquerque NM 1 American Dental Association
KTNV-13 ABC Journal Broadcast Group Las Vegas NV 1 Siemens AG
NY1 Cable Time Warner New York NY 1 Sandals Resorts
WCBS-2 CBS Viacom New York NY 1 Leiner Health Products
WKBW-7 ABC Granite Broadcasting Buffalo NY 1 Heinz
WPIX-11 WB Tribune Broadcasting New York NY 1 Trend Micro
WSYR-9 ABC Clear Channel Syracuse NY 1 Bioibérica, Stiefel Laboratories
Ohio News Network Cable Dispatch Broadcast Group Cleveland OH 1 Siemens VDO
WCPO-9 ABC E.W. Scripps Company Cincinnati OH 2 Stiefel Laboratories, Flower Promotion Organization
WSYX-6 ABC Sinclair Broadcasting Columbus OH 1 Panasonic
WYTV-33 ABC Chelsey Broadcasting Youngstown OH 1 Stiefel Laboratories
KOKH-25 Fox Sinclair Broadcasting Oklahoma City OK 6 Trend Micro, Panasonic, Intel, Cadillac, Chemistry.com, Towers Perrin
KYW-3 CBS Viacom Philadelphia PA 1 Bioibérica
WHP-21 CBS Clear Channel Harrisburg PA 2 Subway, Flower Promotion Organization
WNEP-16 ABC New York Times Wilkes-Barre PA 1 Leiner Health Products
WPGH-53 Fox Sinclair Broadcasting Pittsburgh PA 1 Panasonic
WPMT-43 Fox Tribune Broadcasting Harrisburg PA 1 General Motors
WPVI-6 ABC ABC/Disney Philadelphia PA 1 Panasonic
WLTX-19 CBS Gannett Broadcasting Columbia SC 1 Texas Instruments
WHBQ-13 Fox Fox/News Corporation Memphis TN 1 American Dental Association
WKRN-2 ABC Young Broadcasting Nashville TN 1 Jackson Hewitt
KLBK-13 CBS Nexstar Broadcasting Lubbock TX 1 Siemens VDO
KLST-8 CBS Nexstar Broadcasting San Angelo TX 1 Flower Promotion Organization
KOSA-7 CBS ICA Broadcasting Odessa TX 2 Siemens, General Motors
KYTX-19 CBS Max Media of Montana Tyler TX 3 Knowledge Adventure, Subway, General Mills
KZTV-10 CBS Eagle Creek Broadcasting Corpus Christi TX 1 Cadillac
WFAA-8 ABC Belo Corporation Dallas TX 1 Bioibérica
WCYB-5 NBC BlueStone Television Bristol VA 1 Texas Instruments
WHSV-3 ABC Gray Communications Harrisonburg VA 1 DaimlerChrysler
WVTV-18 WB Sinclair Broadcasting Milwaukee WI 1 Masterfoods
WVVA-6 NBC Quincy Newspapers Bluefield WV 1 Matrixx Initiatives