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  • Reply to: Infighting, Legal Questions Slow ALEC Push for Second Constitutional Convention   7 months 2 weeks ago
    The process is not a constitutional convention, but rather an amending convention with a specific, focused mandate, to reign in the power of the tyrannical federal government.
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    No it is not loud and clear of anything except you have not read Article V-It states "proposing amendments" and they would once ratified become "part of this Consitution" neither of which is a"rewrite and replace the Constitution" like you suggest. Nor can this process change the method of ratification. Part of enforcing our Constitution is going to require us to propose amendments that do just what you suggested-using the words of the founders (like the Federalist Papers) to undo the damage the Supreme Court has done to the original meaning of what they wrote. The states must be able to correct/overturn their bad rulings and restore the Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause to what they meant when written in a clear way in order for us to enforce it without interference from the Supreme Court again.
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    This piece appears to be more of a hit piece most that a substantive informative post. It is more about selectively attacking individuals and groups. If I understand the sediments of this one, Amendment XVII, would be a result of a Con-Con. Amendment XVII came from the same Article V process that encompasses the Convention of the States. Amendment XVII was from those that wanted to weaken our system of checks and balances. Convention of the States would hope to repeal that "rewriting" of the Constitution. The federal government was intended to have limited power, reserving the majority of power with the states and the people. The federal government has continuously abused that power with impunity.
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    Absolutely! It's the electoral college all over again. A minority of voters undercutting the will of the majority. In the case of the election, we ended with a fascist in the White House. In the case of a constitutional convention in the current political climate -- we can't even imagine the nightmare that could result.
  • Reply to: Betsy DeVos and Issue of College Sexual Assault Take Center Stage at ALEC in Denver   7 months 2 weeks ago
    Why are you so afraid of private, not for profit schools receiving voucher funds? Are you so convinced that the public school teachers are less competent and not as good at their jobs that the students will run to the private schools as soon as they are allowed to choose? That's not much of a show of confidence in your team. Private schools on average pay their teachers substantially less. The funds that would come if vouchers passed might be able to offset the coercive health taxes. Why are you afraid of true choice? Clearly you think low-income parents are too stupid to make choices for their family or you are confident they will make a choice that is at odds with your wishes. This position - the anti-free choice position - is one of the least liberal, most closed-minded in existence today. I would be curious to know if you have children or grands. How willing would you be to send them to a failing public school to test your theory.