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  • Reply to: Betsy DeVos Ethics Report Reveals Ties to Student Debt Collection Firm   3 months 3 weeks ago
    Great list of questions. The student loan atrocity has been built over the span of decades. I would like to learn how much debt has accumulated and persisted since when. I know persons who are clearly taking these loans with them to their graves never having gotten a chance to contribute to an adult economy.
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    Student Loan holders were initially snared during the Reagan years when many protections for consumers were taken away from society in general. Now these same holders who have struggled with these their entire lives take them into their retirement years as their social security benefits are being garnished.
  • Reply to: The Two Faces of Janus: The Billionaires Behind the Supreme Court Case Poised to Dismantle Public Sector Unions   4 months 6 days ago
    The ongoing assault on virtually the entire public sector will by definition result in the complete privatization or 'corporatization' of the U.S. government. In other words, the American public; the "We the people" the phrase so often touted by the GOP, will be totally disenfranchised from government and will no longer be part of the decision-making process, otherwise known as democracy, or self-government, which is what the Constitution is all about. For 30 years, Republicans have been touting the idea of "privatizing government and running it like a business," and now they are doing exactly that. The GOP likes to say that the word 'democracy' is not in the Constitution. But neither is the word 'capitalism' or 'corporation' or 'market' or any of the other ideas they would use to replace democracy. The founders could never foresee a future in which Americans were too stupid to understand that democracy is what the constitution is all about
  • Reply to: Koch Brothers Should Return $157 Million in Government Subsidies   4 months 2 weeks ago
    The Koch's are self-righteous in their indignation as they go around preaching "holier than though" Amercanism. But in the final analysis they are just as greedy and despicable as any lowlife in our country, they just have a fatter wallet while they do it. Not to mention their pay no attention to the man behind the curtain routine as they pilfer American tax dollars is a pestilence on our nation. China has nothing to do with this or any of the other companies you mentioned because the KOCHs excel at their two faced game . BTW I'd rather be a liberal than a rapacious troll like the Kochs or for that matter a person like you who proudly defends their greed.
  • Reply to: Billionaire vs. Billionaire: Illinois Governors Race Breaking All State Campaign Finance Records   4 months 2 weeks ago
    Reading stuff like this makes me want to vomit and this is why we no longer have a democracy. There is no way three extremely wealthy guys, who got rich taking other people's money, will ever help the 99%.