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  • Reply to: Infighting, Legal Questions Slow ALEC Push for Second Constitutional Convention   2 months 2 weeks ago
    No where in article 5 does it talk of rewriting the constitution. It does talk of two different ways to propose an amendment to the constitution. If you are advocating that to propose a amendment is same as rewriting the constitution then where are the 27 rewrites to the constitution with the 27 amendments?? If congress can propose amendments then the people should be able to propose amendments. That is all article 5 is about in a nutshell. The proposed amendments would still have to be ratified by 38 states. It would only take 13 states to vote no to kill any crazy ideas in an amendment. The resolution states only a few subjects that are allowed to be considered for amendments. Anything outside of these areas will not be allowed. The rules of process has been practiced for 241 years and has worked in all that time. A mocked convention was done and went very well with various people from different political backgrounds agreeing to amendments. Try to agree in Congress!
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    Its sooo tedious reading the musings of yet another left-wing loon, in this case Mary Bottari of CMD, beating up on Convention of States and other Article V efforts. Yes, she may be factually correct in the machinations of some of the infighting between these different efforts but so what? What's absolutely insulting and flat out wrong is her complete lack of understanding of what the Constitution calls for in Article V and how its not legally possible to have a "2nd Constitutional Convention." I am so tired of reading the drivel that stems from that falsehood--i.e the idocy about groups wanting to rewrite the Constitution when the plan is to RESTORE the original intent of the document as ratified in 1789. But oh no, Bottari can't accept that premise when she is bound and determined to undermine the single most powerful--and dare I say only--tool available today to citizens to gain control over our out-of-control federal government. Get a clue, we're trying to save our nation.
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    Stop lying and using scare tactics. A convention to propose amendment(s) is not a "rewrite" of the Constitution. You'd be fine with a convention of states if it included amendments you favored.
  • Reply to: The Poison Papers Expose Decades of Collusion between Industry and Regulators over Hazardous Pesticides and Other Chemicals   2 months 3 weeks ago
    How are these poison papers used? Are they in toxic dumps? Where are they located at this time? Thanks so much for the SR. Love your research!. My Best to you! Ann
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    What is wrong with “drain the swamp”? Both Republican and Democrat are taxpayer money laundering by giving money to their favored entities and receiving part of that taxpayer money back to themselves. Both are insider trading. They are taking their knowledge and cashing in on stocks, cheating their fellow investors trying to maintain a retirement account . Is there a reason not to “drain the swamp” here? How about wanting to eliminate programs and return us to the past? Amendment X tells us some tasks are for the federal government and others for the states. Return those tasks and both can focus their own responsibilities. such as protecting our waters. If this author sees these as a bad things, what other things is she mistaken about? It would seem that ALEC runs the Convention of states. There are many other individuals and groups involved. Read Amendment X then look at the Constitution from that perspective. Too much hate and misrepresentation, not enough substance.