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  • Reply to: The ALEC Swampland   4 months 3 weeks ago
    I’m concerned you (a public servant) see invoking the constitution as a hissy fit. If our elected officials don’t listen to our votes, a “hissy fit” in the form of a state led Article V convention is in order. The Article V movement isn’t about political wings (or ALEC). ITS ABOUT RESTORING A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. The US gov’t (under both republicans and democrats) has NOT limited its powers, is NOT fiscally responsible, and does NOT limit terms of its officials. I DO NOT BELIEVE THE US GOV’T EITHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT CAN OR WILL CONTROL ITSELF. Federal officials take an oath of office to uphold the constitution. Why has the US gov’t allowed the national debt to rise to $20T? Does a $20T debt contribute to a “perfect Union”? LOUISIANA CAN’T AFFORD ITS PORTION OF THE FEDERAL DEBT. CAN WISCONSIN? Since the US gov’t EITHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT will not control itself, the states need to convene a convention to propose constitutional amendments as described in Article V
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    Rep Taylor's diatribe against Convention of States as presented at ALEC last week represents exactly whats wrong with politics today. As a State legislator she holds the most powerful political position in our nation but she's dead set against bypassing our out-of-conrol federal government to re-instate state sovereignty. Instead, she's willing to accept the unsustainable burden our federal government exerts on every state and every American alive today and generations to come. To her, state governments have no distinction from the federal leviathan. All governments, from local to national, are just a continuum of socialized central control over our people. States are just regional agencies of the federal government doing the bidding of the bureaucracies and the courts. Why bother with regaining our sovereignty and freedoms through an Article V convention when the feds will take care of all us forever more?
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    Amy, potentially adequate technology is, if you read my article carefully, available. You are correct that political will is the big issue, but political will can change quickly. And since there are many levels of relative ruin that we can be headed towards, remember that the more we do about it, the less ruinous our future will be, so it makes no sense to throw in the towel. Ultimately, if we do quite a lot, we may be able to adequately manage this problem.
  • Reply to: Scott Walker Backers Defend Lead and Wisconsin's Poisoned Politics   4 months 3 weeks ago
    How can an insane, really tyrannical insensitive thinkers, and dishonest men like Scott Walker persist in selling out his own state, and citizens to wealthy corporations? Helping them monopolize, and aiding their unions, while destroying workers unions, and teachers unions, and stealing pensions? Even by allowing corporate predators to freely exploit his own citizens. Is this movement of popular evangelism, Corporations united, so popular, that no one sees it as an evil dishonest movement to destroy their own freedoms, constitution and government? Is the robbing of the poor to give to the wealthy, not totally transparent, or so obvious they their blind followers do not want to see it or really believe in trickle down economics as a valid social, and workable science ? How can anyone believe cutting taxes for the most wealthy many who hide their profits in off shore accountants, will really help their poor, middle classes,nation and state, or produce more jobs and raise wages?
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    it's too late, there is no political will or adequate technology to save the polar ice. nice dream though. it's sundown on humanity because of our "power over" mentality in regards to all species, our greedy evil politicians and our addiction to comfort and convenience. we knew in the 70s this threat was upon us. we keep electing the same disgusting greedmongers, having babies, running our electricity 24/7 and eating other species.