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  • Reply to: ALEC in Disarray   8 months 2 weeks ago
    Your claim that he is a hate-monger is simply wrong. To claim that his comments about O'Donnell are sexist, is in and of itself offensive and misleading. Just because O'Donnell is a woman, doesn't mean that any negative comment about her is due to her gender. In fact, the only person in the room who lumped all women into a single category was you. By claiming that one comment about a single woman degrades all women is extremely offensive. O'Donnell does not represent every women in American and nor should she. Women are extremely diverse and strong in their own ways and to reduce us to a single umbrella is simply sexist. A negative comment about O'Donnell is not a negative comment about all woman ever. I am a young female student who was in attendance at the event and I witnessed your rude behavior there. It was you who was extremely inappropriate and owe both David Horowitz and the other attendees an apology.
  • Reply to: Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution   8 months 2 weeks ago
    Balanced budgets are stupid. Average Americans don't even do it. If times are good, you put money away for when times are bad. So instead of Bush giving away the budget surpluses at the end of Clintons term with tax cut and unfunded wars, he should have paid down the debt. So when the next eventual Recession hit, there was room to borrow without further blowing up the national debt.
  • Reply to: Koch-Tied Firm Conducts Mass Layoffs After Trump “Job Creating” Tax Cut Bill   8 months 3 weeks ago
    Your comment eluding to companies buying each other and the result is layoffs, tying that to tax breaks is fake news, according to you. The fact is, these companies haven't paid the 35% statutory rate since at least 2011, most likely before that, the assertion that they do pay 35% is a lie, propagated by the GOP. As companies move to labor friendly countries less and less good paying jobs will be here in the US, the government will bring in less and less revenue, pushing the deficit well beyond 1.5 trillion. The SEC needs to end corporate buyback of stock, that up until 1982 was illegal (the GOP changed that), for a number of reasons. Not the least of which, is that senior management can time the repurchase to coincide with their stock options maturing, and personally benefit. The pay structure for CEOs isn't based on the long term performance of the company, rather how well the stock performs. The only "fake news" is the idea that corporation's will really reinvest in the US
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    Do all Trumptards regurgitate the word, "fake" that's proof that Trumptards simply cannot think for themselves.
  • Reply to: State Policy Network Unleashes Wave of Front Groups to Attack Public Union Membership   9 months 6 days ago
    The goal of union opposition is part of the overall philosophy of neoconservatism: Employers and corporate executives are part of the re-established nobility. Workers need to be subservient to their employer masters and have no rights at all, other than to quit and find work elsewhere. Sir Edmund Burke spoke of a "natural aristocracy" in a utopia pf completely unregulated capitalism.