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  • Reply to: Infighting, Legal Questions Slow ALEC Push for Second Constitutional Convention   2 months 1 week ago
    “The less government we have the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson The CoS movement isn’t about ALEC (or BBAT, infighting or legality issues). ITS ABOUT RESTORING A CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. Exchanging rhetoric regarding hypothetical outcomes of the Convention of States process is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. America’s democratic republic is in peril because of the disobedience and lack of virtue of the officials of federal government. Guess what? I’M NOT WAITING FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO REGAIN ITS CONSTITUTIONAL VIRTUE. I’m getting in the Article V CoS movement life boat and I’m convincing as many people as possible to join me. PS I’m concerned that your reporting on this issue is biased and that reporters like you perpetuate misinformation which has led to Americans disdain for the media.
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    Madison actually only objected to the SPECIFIC Convention being called by New York and Virginia. He opposed a Convention happening so early in our history that went to the core principals of our government, suggesting that instead a bill of rights, but not structural changes, should be proposed. He also objected to proposals for a Constitutional Convention which would meet outside the authority of Article V before the Constitution took effect. He had no objection to a Convention under authority of Article V that may occur a few years later. In fact, a few years later, he suggested the use of an Article V Convention as a possible means to overrule Congress in the Alien & Sedition Acts. It turned out to be unnecessary when Jefferson won the 1800 election. People cherry pick those quotes from him and take them entirely out of context. Madison supported or opposed various Convention efforts on POLICY. He had no objection to the PROCESS. He was the main author of that process!
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    Betsy DeVos is on track to and is supportive of eliminating the Dept of Education. After all, she doesn't need a job. No student loan debt collection agency has flown under her radar. Her family owns and/or has financial ties to them. She has no intention of fixing the DOE. Donald Trump has hired an entire cabinet of billionaires who are against and charged with dismantling their respective departments. None of them are qualified to administer or improve the workings of their appointed areas. They need no experience to destroy them. This is part of Trump strategist Steve Bannon's agenda to dismantle the government, and he has Trump's ear.
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    Why all the infighting? Simple. Because for the first time in history, a true grassroots movement has sprung up to challenge the elites. That movement is the Convention of States Project. The BBATF guys are a bunch of state legislators with ZERO grassroots support. And they know it. Mr Dranias and his CFA, as well intentioned as it is, also has zero grassroots support. And they know it too. They are the elites, the policy wonks. You don't know what you're doing. You're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. You really just need to leave the governing to the professional politicians. After all, look how well we have done so far under their leadership.
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    Acknowledge the climate emergency Dump Trump, the world’s top climate criminal, and the new EPA repeal bills Use distributed solar generation & solar batteries Stop deforestation and plant more trees, use regenerative, no-till agriculture the only Carbon Capture Storage that work We have many simple solutions, but no one wants to change their ways. Act boldly, stop waiting – Just Do It There is no silver bullet and no time for innovations Kill false solutions: FRACKING, Natural gas, and Biomass from natural forests. STOP Arkansas, North Carolina and other states exporting wood pellet mills, pretending to sell clean, renewable fuel to EU. Stop deforestation and the USFS timber sales and prescribed fires. Stop the "Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017" - Representative Bruce Westerman has received more than $100,000 in timber industry campaign donations, BIG $ in AR. Now, he is pushing a bill that relaxes environmental regulations on the same industry.