Posted by Mary Bottari on March 02, 2015

As the Wisconsin legislature gets ready to ram through a union-busting bill that will significantly impact the economy of the entire state, Wisconsin's newest member of the Senate asked perhaps the most pertinent question of her Republican colleagues: "what beating hearts are for this bill?"

Posted by Jody Knauss on March 24, 2015

ALEC and allies work to repeal laws that support local wage standards.

Posted by Mary Bottari on March 23, 2015

BP announced today it is parting ways with the American Legislative Exchange Council, the controversial corporate bill mill. It is the third major fossil fuel company to sever its ties with ALEC, after Occidental Petroleum. ExxonMobil remains on the ALEC private sector board.

Posted by Jonas Persson on March 16, 2015

Scott Walker is traveling the country portraying himself as a straight shooter. "We said what we're gonna do, and we did it!" he told CPAC delegates in D.C. last month.

Posted by Jamie Corey on March 13, 2015

This week, US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse called upon America to “wake up” to the damaging effects of climate change denial and the fossil fuel industry funding received by groups that promote it, including ALEC.

Posted by Jody Knauss on March 11, 2015

RTW bills have moved in at least eight other states this year, though none are assured of passing.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on March 10, 2015

The protests that have erupted in Madison, Wisconsin in the wake of the police shooting of Tony Robinson lay bare the racial inequities in the city and the state as a whole.

Posted by Rebekah Wilce on March 10, 2015

High school and middle school students walked out of class in Madison, Wisconsin on Monday and marched on the state capitol to demand justice for Tony Robinson, the young black man who was shot to death by Madison Police Officer Matthew Kenny on Friday evening, March 6.

Posted by Jonas Persson on March 06, 2015

After an all-nighter in the Wisconsin State Assembly, the ALEC right-to-work bill passed along party lines this morning, and will be sent to Scott Walker’s desk.


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