Posted by Rebekah Wilce on November 19, 2014

Monarch butterfly populations have declined over the last ten years. CMD joined scientists and other groups in calling for their protection.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 18, 2014

Democratic state legislators in Illinois are mulling an effort to thwart Chicago's effort to raise its minimum wage, even as they raise the state wage above the national average. And the state National Restaurant Association affiliate is eating it up.

Posted by Jonas Persson on November 18, 2014

Calling for a “reboot” of public education in Minnesota, hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed into the Minneapolis school board elections this November to try ousting an incumbent and to usher in the ALEC education agenda.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 14, 2014

The embattled American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) lost nearly 20 percent in grant revenue between 2012 and 2013 according to new tax filings, reflecting the financial hit that the "corporate bill mill" has suffered as it has been dragged into the sunlight and its corporate members have fled.

Posted by Nick Surgey on November 14, 2014

Emerson Electric is the latest corporation to confirm it has ended funding for ALEC, joining a notable wave of recent corporate defectors that has included Microsoft, Google, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo.

Posted by Jessica Mason on November 14, 2014

The residents of Denton, Texas, had a remarkable victory over Big Oil in the midterm elections, becoming the first town in Texas to pass a ban on fracking. But state officials are refusing to follow the ban.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 13, 2014

Healthcare for millions of Americans is at stake in the latest Affordable Care Act challenge to reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

Posted by Nick Surgey on November 11, 2014

AOL, the owner of the Huffington Post, became the latest major corporation to announce a decision to cease funding for ALEC.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 08, 2014

"Congressman" Grothman is what happens when you combine gerrymandering with right-wing attack dog journalism.


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