By PR Watch Admin on September 09, 2014

New reports from the Center for Media and Democracy/PRwatch.org on the John Doe criminal probe.

By Brendan Fischer on October 01, 2014

Walker has vowed to call the legislature back into session to pass a new voter ID law if courts don't uphold the measure.

By Rebekah Wilce on September 30, 2014

News Corp., Occidental Petroleum, International Paper, and Overstock.com are the latest corporations to cut ties with ALEC.

By Brendan Fischer on September 25, 2014

A federal appellate court has shut down Judge Rudolph Randa's decision halting the criminal probe into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and allied groups.

By Brendan Fischer on September 23, 2014

Just one day after Google announced it was cutting ties with the ALEC, Facebook announced that they are "not likely" to renew their ALEC membership next year.

By Brendan Fischer on September 22, 2014

Google chairman Eric Schmidt said Monday that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is "literally lying" that climate change is not a reality.

By Brendan Fischer on September 17, 2014

Wisconsin election officials and advocates are being forced to make an "extraordinary effort" to adjust to voter ID restrictions that were just reinstated by a federal appellate court.

By Rebekah Wilce on September 16, 2014

The Center for Media and Democracy/Progressive Inc. and other groups sent a letter to Google asking it to cut its ties to ALEC, but Google has refused to respond.

By Brendan Fischer on September 15, 2014

The U.S. Chamber's "bombshell" attack on the Walker criminal probe has fallen apart.

By Brendan Fischer on September 13, 2014

Scott Walker's favorite judge and two other GOP appointees have reinstated voter ID.


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