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    All major farms kill their chickens. They then grind them up and sell them to fertilizer companies or dog/cat food manufacturers. Don't kid yourself.. There is not a 'chicken rescue(s)' that I know of that save chickens by the MILLIONS each year... get real

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    TRUE-she Never smoked. BUT-she worked waitressing in smoky bars and restaurants-making her the exception that proves the rule. YES-Asbestos workers and those exposed to radiation and secondary smoke DO get Primary Lung Cancer. They are probably most of the 15% of non-smokers who get lung cancer. And tobacco is Also responsible for many cases of Bladder, Esophageal, Head and Neck, and Pancreatic Cancer, as well as Adult Leukemia. The Great Majority of Emphysema, and MUCH Coronary Disease, Strokes, and Aortic Aneurysms are due to Tobacco.
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    I'm from Wisconsin and I can tell you from first hand experience that corruption and crimes against our citizens is worse than the agencies whom are suppose to protect us will admit. They routinely turn victims of corruption away and when corruption is exposed the agencies whom are suppose to protect the states citizens further violate them by covering it up. We are not talking about a little white lie. When our courts are this corrupt it is a national security issue. Send me a good reporter and ill give them absolute proof of my counties da office selling criminalizations and my rights,not to mention the discrimination they used as a foundation for the fraud and crimes against me.
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    It's always interesting to read the viewpoints of the "Right" as they attempt to deflect the accusations made against them. I can only hope that the U.S. Supreme Court takes this issue up and finds in favor of the people of Wisconsin. It is about time Scott Walker and the corrupt Republican Party is brought up on Class I felony charges.
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    From every objective article ive read, John Chisholm has abused his office under these "john doe" investigations. He should be ashamed using the strong arm of his office for nothing more than intimidation! Amazing how no "left wing" groups who conducted the same activities were under scrutiny!!!