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  • Reply to: With Federal Millions, “Wild West” of Charters Is about to Get Even Wilder   6 days 4 hours ago
    Oh, this is just great. First Ohio deliberately manipulates its charter school data in order to make it look considerably better than it is, then they win the lottery prize of taxpayer dollars. The lesson to voters and citizens is: you cheat, you win. Thank you very much, Arne Duncan and the federal Dept. of Education.
  • Reply to: Wisconsin GOP Sneaks ALEC-Supported For-Profit Bail Bonding Into Budget Bill   6 days 12 hours ago
    They are actively involved in ALEC and ABC is the chairman emeritus of ALEC's corporate board and it is also the co-chair of ALEC's ACCE (city and county effort), although one of the guys recently moved over to one of the big bail bond insurance companies. They are also involved in ALEC's "reform" initiative, which could result in more profits for the bail bond industry through getting in on supervised release of non-violent offenders released early from prison with the over-incarceration crisis caused by ALEC's crime policy agenda for more than two decades. So, to answer your question, this is not a non-story.
  • Reply to: Scott Walker: Back in the Saddle, Back to His Old ALEC Tricks   6 days 13 hours ago
    Glad to be a LIBERAL.
  • Reply to: Paid Sick Days for Six Million Californians to Become Law   1 week 10 hours ago
    As a contractor this is a great step in the right direction, but I had a question on what it actually means. "Employees, including part-time and temporary employees, will earn at least one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked." This looks awesome! If I work 30hrs each week for 50 weeks I should earn 50 sick day hours? But then there is this little clause: "An employer may limit the amount of paid sick leave an employee can use in one year to 24 hours or three days." So for someone who works 12hr shifts this amounts to 2 sick days a year. If I come down with the flu in Jan and am out for 2 days that is it for the year? Even though in theory at the end of the year I would have 48 hrs earned I could not use any?
  • Reply to: Four Whoppers that Sunk Scott Walker   1 week 1 day ago
    I will never make that mistake again.