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    I support for this case, as this will make the things transparent to common people.


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    Thank you for your comment. We have fixed the link to the YouTube video list.


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    As a student, I had been looking for this information to write into my discussion, and I thought I found what I needed here. But the link to the YouTube video is broke.

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    The very fact this "unbiased observer" uses a phrase like "high fence hunting" shows that he is much closer to the practice of canned hunts than most of us would ever want to be.

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    It sure is easy to hate Rex when using this extremely biased article as your gospel. Do some research on the man with an unbiased view. His visions generally are for the benefit of the entire entity that is Missouri. To say he's greedy and looking for his own personal interests (For example, his views lowering income taxes in Missouri) is just plain stupid. If all his ideals were enacted including his tax reform, he wouldn't come close to saving as much money as he DONATES to causes that he believes in. He's trying to save EVERYONE money. If he was so greedy, why would he be spending so much of his own wealth on these causes with no possibility of recouping it? As for his views of Missouri teachers and public schools, I don't pretent to understand everything on both sides of the issue, but from what I've read on both sides of the isle, I think it's very possible that under his ideals, good teachers would be paid MORE than they are currently, while not-so-good teachers would be shown the door. The only people who should vehemently oppose this view are BAD teachers, as they will likely have to find another occupation. As a parent, I can't seem to find the flaws in this logic. As a parent, I want my kids to have great teachers, and I'm willing to up their salary a little to do so.