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    Why is it worse for corporations to fund these legislative organizations than it s for my tax dollars to be spent on socialistic unions like ACORN and labor unions such as the one I belong to, IAM which is a part of the AFL-CIO? As a white middle-aged male, I am concerned that many of you don't realize that the socialists are not working for our benefit! They just want us to show up and protest an organization that has the same right to exist as my labor union. Stop drinking the kook-aid. Think for yourselves or unions will be a thing of the past. The only unions left will be social justice government funded unions like SEIU and ACORN.

  • Reply to: Shocker! Koch Youth Group Backs Koch Politician Signing Koch-Approved ALEC Bill   17 hours 57 min ago

    Great article. Loved your piece in the latest issue of The Progressive. Hope Mary Burke will get the momentum to unseat Walker. This year's election will determine the fate of so many states. We need to get out the vote or be doomed to a repeat of 2010.

  • Reply to: Fracking Insiders Score Big in New Gas Bill, But Americans Not Told the True Costs of Massive Drilling Plan   1 day 6 hours ago

    What morons, I hope these idiots sleep good at night with all that cash they got from the fracking companies in order to sell out the safety and health of American citizens who elected these morally deficient morons. Why are these politicians putting the profits of fracking companies above the protection of the American environment & resources. Americans can not drink oil!!!!!

    There is no excuse for such massive abandonment of the American citizens who elected these morons. If these idiots had taken any sort of effort to research the damage being done to America and the people living there they would have found massive links, pages, news & scientific reports, personal stories, and warnings with little effort. Ref:
    These morons need to be held accountable to the American citizens who elected all these idiots. CharO

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    I strongly suspect some Koch funds go into supporting militias such as those that went to rescue Cliven Bundy. I would like to see how where these militias get funding since I cannot believe each of those in such militias can individually afford the cost of membership and travel for such purposes. Money coming from somewhere. There are many such militias in the U.S. ready to do right wing revolution at any time.

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    We really appreciate your kind note, Bob!!  It is great to hear from you!!  lisa


Bill Moyers presents "United States of ALEC," a report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of -- ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.