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  • Reply to: Speaker Paul Ryan Tries to Change the Topic   3 days 19 hours ago
    There you go again. Facts. Just like climate change, whenever a Republican is making a case, someone comes along and rains on the parade with this "facts" argument. Sheesh. The real welfare is the obscene free ride given to corporations and the super rich - not to mention our crazily bloated military, but when you are bought and sold by those very interests, facts tend to get in the way.
  • Reply to: Speaker Paul Ryan Tries to Change the Topic   6 days 1 hour ago
    Paul Ryan remind's me of an Ivy League version of SNL's "Drunk Uncle"...lots of pontification with seemingly no knowledge on the subjects of which he preaches...there IS no real "welfare" anymore! Actual cash payments are small and limited in time, food stamps have been reduced to crumbs, housing assistance has waiting lists of he preaches and preaches ad nauseum on "welfare" and only if you know NOTHING about it can you listen to it and think he makes sense! If you look at 6 functions of the Wisconsin State budget-pensions, healthcare, education, welfare, protection and transport- Education and healthcare are at the top by far-welfare is at the very BOTTOM. LEARN FACTS. do you know where your tax dollars are?
  • Reply to: Federal Government Continues To Feed Charter School Beast Despite Auditor's Warning   1 week 2 days ago
    If you can help by signing our petition and bring awareness, please do:
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    I truly feel like someone has spit in my face....God help us all
  • Reply to: GOP Attorneys General Held Private Meetings with Fossil Fuel Lobbyists on Exxon Investigation   3 weeks 11 hours ago
    All of these AGs are members of bar associations and as such are subject to legal ethics which include the avoidance of conflict of interest. I would like to see a concerted effort to lay charges of conflict of interest with each and every bar association that these AGs are members of. Let's have petitions and instructions on how to actually file charges by the public. Let's do it now.