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    Oh my. How many "Tea Party Anarchists" can you fit into a tea cup? You really are paranoid. How about constructive ideas on how to change the SICK educational systems that are destroying our future, instead of insipid comments about the Koch brothers?
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    Sure we can...but sounds to me like you want into the fire just as badly as the next person....sort of like calling the kettle black...or like jumping from the pan into the fire.....passive/aggressive. You started off good, but that last bit, as a dig... .....there are great people in all parties and as always, some bad apples.....but maybe you can try not slinging mud, in the form of rhetoric and maybe someone can take you seriously....
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    So, according to this article, private schools are only for those in suburbia. ALEC (to whomever that is supposed to refer, or impugn) is incorrect. But, how many wonderful, small, private schools exist in predominately poor (and by that I guess I mean "black") neighborhoods? Not many. But, they do exist and they do turn out far superior graduates than the public schools with which they compete. The exception, such as these, PROVES that education CAN be achieved in poor areas. Just needs the parents to be ADULTS if they are going to spawn their offspring. "It takes a village"...? Not if the village is filled with ignorant (not an insulting term) parents and uneducated educators.
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    Cashiers should make at least $15 an hour. Look at cashiers pay at Safeway or union jobs.

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    When David Koch spoke to an Americans for Prosperity conference saying our country needed another tea party, who knew ALEC would emerge as the most potent instrument of change. The American Patriots who rushed onto a British Ship to dump the cargo of tea into Boston Harbor did much less damage than the influence of ALEC on State Legislators. It is time to call out the Tea Party as Anarchists intent on bringing down the government. The Tea Party works overtime to fulfill their prediction that public education will fail, so more money may be diverted to a profit based system which lines their pockets with a portion of the tax dollars diverted from providing for the general good. Corruption has become common place as the Tea Party Politicians simply use their Koch Brother's funded mega phone to shout back "not me, you."