Posted by PR Watch Admin on September 09, 2014

New reports from the Center for Media and Democracy/ on the John Doe criminal probe.

Posted by Rebekah Wilce on January 21, 2015

After a scorching two-year controversy involving a "John Doe" criminal investigation into potential illegal coordination between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's campaign and outside big money groups, state GOP leaders are readying a legislative package to dismantle the nonpartisan elections board.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on January 21, 2015

The Kochs and other big donors wield massive influence in the post-Citizens United era.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on January 19, 2015

Sen. Joni Ernst giving the GOP response to the State of the Union address is further proof that the Koch political network has become a dominant political force.

Posted by Jonas Persson on January 09, 2015

Wisconsin GOP pushes constitutional amendment to strip Chief Justice Abrahamson of her title.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on January 05, 2015

“You look out your window and see people protesting, and then look at ‘Selma,’ and it looks similar”

Posted by Brendan Fischer on December 05, 2014

After spending hundreds of millions of undisclosed funds on state and federal elections, ALEC's corporate members are demanding that state legislators preserve their "right" to anonymously spend money on politics.


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