Reformers Call for Sessions Recusal in Russian Interference Investigations

Reform groups and ethics experts say Department of Justice regulations require AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself based on his personal and political ties to Trump, his campaign, and White House staff.

Oklahoma AG Releases 7,564 Pages in Response to CMD Request

Under court order, Oklahoma Attorney General’s office releases previously withheld emails and holds back others; more emails expected on February 27.

Paul Ryan Is Fundraising Off Healthcare While Working to Kill It For Millions

So much for "drain the swamp." It's business as usual in Washington and Speaker Ryan is pulling in the big bucks as he prepares to pull the rug out from average Americans.

John Humphries: Schooled by Team Walker, Betsy DeVos and ALEC

John Humphries has undergone a remarkable political transformation.

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There is a "sucker punch" aspect of this entire episode, that has been used in the past, that makes it doubly despicable. The now dead open records issue was so completely outrageous and unexpected that it served its intended purpose – to draw attention away from the many other very contentious and controversial aspects of this budget. And that was exactly what Walker and the majority Republicans wanted to happen.

--Jay Heck, Common Cause in Wisconsin

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