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  • Reply to: Meet George Zoley, America’s Highest Paid “Corrections Officer”   2 months 1 week ago
    This man may seem successful, however his Tacoma Washington Facility fails to meet the PBNDS, and is considered on of the "best ICE facilities". ICE, a Governmental Agency who has hired out GEO for Illegal and Excessive restraint of non-criminals is also notorious for international Human Rights Violations. I would caution ANY future business with this man, as his Business Practices and Partners are untrustworthy at best. I will be Publishing MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with this Man's "BUSINESS" for the United Nations to review, at Geneva. For now all I Caution is avoid this inhuman individual, his companies harms to me may drastically harm YOUR businesses/relations. ~ B.T. F.
  • Reply to: A CMD Special Report on ALEC's Funding and Spending   2 months 1 week ago
    I'm guess ALEC is the republic version of other for profit not-for profit charter programs. But both Hillary and president Obama have pushed for charter schools and laws to make it even more of a cash grab and joke. It has merit In principle that it should work and help improve grades. But it's taken advantage of. Saying its only Republicians supporting this one group (ALEC), or Koch family to push forward a right agenda is as naive and stupid. Hillary has been given donations by the same companies you list for this reason and others. She supports ESSA and charter school vouchers. She was booed at NEA. (Also I believe Koch and Exxon are biggest supporters of PBS? Could be wrong name sounds like I hear there a lot) So instead of picking the side of the aisle and party you like the best, try picking the right side of the issue! That way we all benefit. Also, I think the voucher program could work and do good. If applied with integrity and better mission.
  • Reply to: This Is Going to Hurt: What Your Doctor Doesn't Say Can Cost You   2 months 3 weeks ago
    I've got one better than the added extras! I apparently "received" a physical exam without knowing it!! Before I joined the group I wanted to know the basic charge for a visit. I was told it depends. I went with them anyway as diabetes was a possible problem I was dealing with. A few visits and I wondered why each bill was different even though nothing happened in the visit except the doctor asking if all was well. I asked for the doctor's notes and it turned out that on each visit a physical exam was noted!!! I called to tell them that I did NOT have any physical exam done. The doctor then called to state that she looked at me from across the room and noted my eyes, gums, appearance, walk and whether I could shake my head!!!!! She then writes it up. I asked if there was an extra charge added for that and she said she didn't think so. I called billing and they still hadn't answered that question. I wrote to the company and am now waiting for an answer. Am thinking of leaving.
  • Reply to: Barring Plastic Bag Bans, another ALEC Law Takes Aim at Local Democracy   3 months 8 hours ago
    I realize this ALEC interference is about corporate control of local decisions, but still, with a ban on plastic grocery bags due in New York City any minute now, what am I supposed to use for household garbage and kitty litter? It seems the good guys didn't think this through.
  • Reply to: Koch Brothers' Fingerprints Can Be Found All Over GOP Convention   3 months 2 days ago
    Great article! Thanks, Mary!