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    Wellness visit-$240 Write rx refills $240 additional charge. You call that fair ?? Are you squirrel food ? I do agree however about the less educated CEO making so much money. Medicine has become BIG business. If there were no CEOs and you had your own business would you charge less?? I doubt it. How about charging $50 for a 15 minute office visit,code it correctly so insurance will pay, let us pay you in advance and let us send it to insurance? And dont blame malpractice premiums. Our health insurance costs more than you malpractice ins. I make 30K and my insurance costs $1000 a month. Thats one third of my income. I have a ten thousand deductable. It has to be that high or i couldnt afford the premiums.I have never even used my insurance ! You are making excuses .You are suppose to heal people not hurt them.Do you think we feel good when your bill comes? Like we go out,party, and celebrate being robbed? I dont party but I sure need a drink.

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    Love your comment about the brakes !

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    Taxpayers and educators should be demanding answers from politicians who spend our tax dollars with absolutely no oversight, transparency, or accountability in return. Families can't afford to be so cavalier about their home budgets, yet our state and federal governments can? Only because we don't ask the hard questions.

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    A worthy tid-bit of information. I'm kidding of course. This is important, and not to be taken lightly. It is definitely not late night reading. Corruption is clearly at a new height in America, yet mostly ignored by mega media, where it ought to be front and center every day. I realize it will be helpful to Jeb, as it plays out in real campaign time. Something I do not wish upon my nation. That is for sure. No one should be wishing for THAT.

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    Why even MENTION what's-her-name? With Sanders in the race, we HAVE our candidate! Bernie Sanders MEANS what he says, he's consistent and committed to rebuilding American manufacturing and jobs. By contrast, what's-her-name will, like Obama, say whatever it takes to get elected and then do whatever it takes to please Wall Street and the globalized corporations with zero loyalty to the USA. VOTE BERNIE SANDERS!