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  • Reply to: Updated: Dispatches from COP 22, UN Climate Negotiations in the Hottest Year on Record   2 months 1 week ago
    great content and presentation i wish that the millions of denyers with their heads in the sand could read this and help us give our future a fighting chance. Clearly chargeing people for the damage they do - and ending any form of government support, or lack of taxation - is essential while moving towards constructive realistic and renewable human endevours yes there will be winners and loosers but remember that for years we've all been told thats how the cookie crumbles in the capitalist manifesto tax the bad tax credit the good and say goodbye to the ugly
  • Reply to: Kochs Invest in Corpus Christi City Council as New Refinery Is Built   2 months 2 weeks ago
    Mr. Kramer: Perhaps you are unaware of how little money is raised and spent in local city council races in Corpus Christi. For example, Chad Magill reported raising about $13K in his 30-day report and just $6K in the most recent filing, so yes a $1K contribution is significant in such a race. Indeed, though a thousand dollars may not mean much to you, only .46% of the U.S. population give $200 or more, according to Open Secrets:
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    a single K? Really? Since when is this money lol? This does not make a dent.
  • Reply to: Wisconsin’s System Increasingly Rigged Against the Unemployed   2 months 2 weeks ago
    I work and live in a place that is heavily focused on tourism. Which means almost every business here is closed during winter. Seasonal workers basically have to find a winter job if they want to be able to live and the problem is the closest town that would have any jobs worth working is an hour away. At this point I'm better off to leave my family and let them struggle with the business and find a full time job that's all year round. I feel bad for construction workers that aren't in a union. Once the snow falls, they will have to use their savings just to survive. Unless they're expected to work for minimum wage in winter, every winter, for the rest of their life.
  • Reply to: Speaker Paul Ryan Tries to Change the Topic   3 months 2 days ago
    There you go again. Facts. Just like climate change, whenever a Republican is making a case, someone comes along and rains on the parade with this "facts" argument. Sheesh. The real welfare is the obscene free ride given to corporations and the super rich - not to mention our crazily bloated military, but when you are bought and sold by those very interests, facts tend to get in the way.