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  • Reply to: Tallahassee Mayor Defends Local Democracy from the Gun Lobby   1 month 1 week ago
    There is a right to keep and bear arms and this should not be regulated at the local level creating much confusion among law-abiding.
  • Reply to: Secret Money Advocates Prepare to Unload on Milwaukee DA John Chisholm   1 month 1 week ago
    Chisholm's target, Archer, has not been charged with a crime. He screwed up, in a politically-motivated abuse of public office. He should be removed from office AND face attorney discipline. When scum like Chisholm are allowed to rule without checks on his power, the people are right to start thinking in terms of Tea Parties, Citizen Militias, and even voting for a bona fide idiot just to keep Hillary out.
  • Reply to: 5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice   1 month 2 weeks ago
    This is an appalling statement by Jake. Public schools may have problems, but many of those problems are based on lack of funds for public schools, low pay to teachers, and ridiculously large classes (due to low funding). I have taught for over 23 years, and I work with outstanding public school teachers and administrators. Instead of funneling moneys to private and charter schools, state and federal governments need to give the needed funds to public schools, demand, if charter schools are receiving money, those teachers need to undergo the same requirements and standards public school teachers must adhere to. If states want charter school type education in the public schools, give us our needed money and allow us to have smaller class sizes.
  • Reply to: A Reality Check for "Charter School Week"   1 month 3 weeks ago
    Compared to the "black hole" of education that many regular public schools are?
  • Reply to: Why Don't We Talk About Smoking and Celebrity Deaths?   1 month 3 weeks ago
    Now there's some brilliant thinking. While we ate legalizing weed which contains at least half of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoking, is inhaled more deeply, held longer and impairs? Great!