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  • Reply to: U.S.-Funded War in El Salvador Casts Shadow over Romney/Ryan Campaign   1 week 6 days ago

    This is amazing, we are crying we have no money, and this country El Salvador really has no money, but some how BILLIONS of dollars were delivered there, to fund the tactics involved. There people live in shacks, and the gangs fight for territory and jobs, but based on the many reporters stories they are discriminated because of tatoos, and are left to do the tactics of extortion. The other people just want to live and enjoy their life with work, and have a home. but there are no jobs that can help them so that is what is being written so anger is erupting, Their median income is 7.00 a day for 14 hours work, and it is then to be used for supporting families. Now the violence is getting very bad and their is no discussions on why, it has erupted higher since the resignation of government officials. Look at the web, and the papers, the worst tragedy.. children, and elder people. One elder says, to a gang person who wanted to rob him, you are young and strong, you can work and make more than i have, he did not like the answer and shot him in the head. This makes me sad, because the country has potential to become a great income receiving area for companies, and tourism, but this violence is causing mass exodus of the people, because of FEAR, and if our government is involved in this, it makes me hang my head low in shame.

  • Reply to: Exclusive: After Subpoenas in Walker Criminal Probe, WI GOP Sought to Quietly Change Law   1 week 6 days ago

    I suggest you expand the number of news outlets you utilize. Please review the drafting file attached to this report. Please note that no one has contacted CMD for a correction to this report.

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    This is a lie. I watch Fox all the time and there has not been one word about it.

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    If some people would quit abusing the unemployment benefits and actually go out and find a job, perhaps the rules would not continue to be tightened up so those with ligitimate claims could be processed. I applaud Scott Walker on the changes he has made in Wisconsin, taking a stand against those fraudulently abusing the system or intentially scam others out of the system. Someone in my family has just been scammed with Identity theft through the Wisconsin DWD. They received a letter from the DWD that their claim was processed and will begin receiving benefits. They had not filed anything as they are currently employed. Someone else filed, claiming to be them, so they could receive payment - this is stealing! Apparently the process is not tight enough yet if people can steal others identity's and apply and be approved for benefits.

  • Reply to: Chez Sludge: How the Sewage Sludge Industry Bedded Alice Waters   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Biosolids are treated to various standards: Class B, Class A and Class A Exceptional Quality. There are 22,000 sewage treatment plants across the US, many of which serve bedroom communities with little to no industrial/chemical waste. In these types of areas, the sewage sludge that is turned into biosolids is based on human waste and food scraps that are sent down the garbage disposal; these are the bi-products of everything we eat.

    More info from the EPA on Biosolids:

    OMRI (certifies food as organic) only gives guidance on Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead in soil. They do not have any pharmaceutical or other heavy metals guidance or standards, therefore food certified as organic could be grown in contaminated soil.

    It would be very helpful to understand what the PPM/PPB concentrations of the chemicals and other elements that are being called out in this article are and at what level they even begin to pose a risk to humans. That is more relevant to the conversation at hand than a political review of who's who in San Francisco.

    Transparency is very important on the part of the officials taking on bold and potentially questionable initiatives, however the same holds true for the activists who purport to watch out for the public. The links in this article mostly go back to Sourcewatch, many of the references rely on pages created in Sourcewatch and many of the references that don't go to Sourcewatch go to newspaper articles. A sound assessment or at least presentation of legitimate studies (primary research) would go a long way to validating (or if the evidence leads to such a conclusion, refuting) the case laid out above.


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