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  • Reply to: 5 Ideas that Really Matter But FOX Won't Address Them in the Presidential Debate   3 weeks 3 days ago
    The Democartic party of my era no longer exist. What the hell happened to us. Shameful all.
  • Reply to: Blowing the Whistle on ALEC's Little Brother ACCE (Parts 1-6)   4 weeks 1 hour ago
    Free-market is the term used at ALEC, and is also what the media uses. It is unfortunate because it is not free of influence or control, and describing it as “corporate dominated market” is certainly more reflective of how our market operates. I think we can do a service to the public by pointing out how the free market is not free and is an abstraction found nowhere in the world.
  • Reply to: Scott Walker Is the Belle of the ALEC Ball   4 weeks 1 day ago
    Thanks, Chris, for continuing to inform us about ALEC and hanging in there against the Republican majority and its crushing of the public interest and promotion of all things corporate and private. Without the EPA, and the attacks here on the DNR, it will be difficult to watch what is happening to our environment, and of course the other issues in the state.
  • Reply to: Jeb Bush Addressed Secret Coal Industry Retreat   4 weeks 1 day ago
    I could write an article on entitled " Nick Surgey's slanted journalism" and it would have more truth than anything you have written
  • Reply to: Is Your Underwear Undermining Your Values? What Is Jockey's CEO Doing at a Tea Partiers' Convention and with David Koch?   4 weeks 1 day ago
    Your characterization is off base. Sounds to me like you did not bother to read the story, which accurately recounted precisely what Waller told the Koch-funded conference. The article put her comments claiming that she would be in jail or out of business if she ran her business the way the government works by documenting her actions, such as her approval of huge retention bonuses to bankers that helped crash the U.S. economy along with her efforts to transfer manufacturing process out of the U.S. despite assurance that were made to employees. Her gender is not an issue in her actions which have supported the Koch agenda and which have undermined corporate accountability.