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    The best way is to ask around your community, look on bulletin boards posted at farm or feed stores or on Craigslist and find a local farm that sells free range eggs. You can then go to that farm and see how the hens are treated. Also, more grocery stores are selling free range eggs now....I buy them at Kroger here in the Midwest. I pay $4.50 a dozen, but I don't care! It's worth it!

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    I agree with everything you said except that the public cares....the public doesn't care because in spite of knowledge of the cruelty of the egg industry, almost all households continue to purchase billions of eggs annually. If they cared, they would not do that. I buy only free range eggs and actually try to get them from local farms where I actually see the chickens myself. Well worth the effort.

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    Thank you

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    See how the GOP does business folks:
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker granted a $6 million tax break to a local furniture company allowing it to lay off half of its workforce in Wisconsin. In return, the furniture company's executives made a sizable donation to Walker's re-election effort.

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    Lessons in larceny