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    Walker struck (lined it right out) the Wisconsin Idea from the University of Wisconsin systems higher education principles, then in response to outrage, claimed it was a "drafting error". An anonymous insert in his budget to gut open records was slipped in late on July 3 before a holiday weekend and voted "yes" by all Republican senators until outrage came knocking, again. Then, it was removed, and legislator Scott Fitzgerald stated that Walker had been involved with this. Walker says that he was not in favor of the Boy Scouts to allow gay leaders. Things should have stayed the same to "protect children and advance scout values." Now, again in response to outrage, he claims that he only (out of the kindness of his heart...not) wanted to protect children from the discussion about gays in Boy Scouts. A psychological evaluation is warranted. There seem to be a lot of nasty words and actions that are okay until they come head to head with outrage, then they mysteriously take a twist.

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    See above, nazi.

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    At least this ruling increases transparency in one very important respect: The gag orders are gone, the targets of the John Doe raids aren't under legal peril if they discuss what happened to them.

    Surely you can agree that's a positive development?

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    Apparently agent Drew Griggs, manager of a State Farm office in Knoxville, didn't know about the boycott. I had heard something, but incorrectly remembered it as being Allstate that was involved, did a search while talking, just to be sure. He had the quote already worked out and everything, and I actually was prepared to change agents. He said he'd look into it.

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    Look back and think about the groups who are the defendants in this case and remember:

    -they financed the Supreme Court runs of the 4 justices who killed the John Doe
    -the defendants' interference in past Supreme Court elections prompted the "Impartial Justice" law which would publicly fund Supreme Court elections
    -Scott Walker eliminated the "Impartial Justice" law in a budget passed shortly after he was elected
    -JoAnne Kloppenburg "won" the Supreme Court race in 2011 against Justice Prosser (who was backed by these defendants) but Walker said "Maybe more votes will be found for Prosser" and two days later, those votes were found and Prosser kept his seat
    -Abrahamson was deposed as Chief Justice even after voters elected her to a 10-year term as Chief after a well-financed campaign by the defendants to put an item on the ballot that changed the seniority system used by the court
    -the Justices who voted to end John Doe also voted to give themselves sole power to decide when and if they should recuse themselves from cases directly impacting themselves or their families

    The corruption of the WI Supreme Court over the past several years is just breath-taking.