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  • Reply to: Koch Brothers Declare Scott Walker Is Our Man   1 week 4 days ago

    I've seen the "Bill of Sale" for their "mouth piece" too.

  • Reply to: Voter ID Will Take Effect in Wisconsin--Here's What that Means   1 week 4 days ago

    I would also like to add to your list of situations where people would need an id. If we are going to focus on the low income, then what id are they showing to pick up their welfare or other government checks? What form of id do they use when they go to the doctor, or other medical services? What are they using to apply for a job or maybe that's not an option?

  • Reply to: Walker's Dark Money Allies Orchestrate Coup of the Courts   1 week 5 days ago

    Please tell me why this is not public knowledge (as in, plastered all over the local TV station news?) The people of Wisconsin have a right to know. I didn't realize until two days before this spring election the truth about the proposed change to the constitution. People voted without knowing the truth of what it meant! I'd never heard anything about it until the "vote yes" ads. Why are these types of reports being buried?

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    Not surprising--in fact entirely predictable that Walker is the Koch's man. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush will be Karl Rove's man. And so the battle for the ideological control of the GOP will be played out in the primaries.

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    I know I voted Yes, and I am not a Republican. I voted Democrat for 34 years, so there can be no one saying I am a "right wing nut job." Did anyone ever think that the people we put in office just seem to stay there for too damned long? I want every politician and judge of any kind to have limits to how long they sit on their butts any where. They all lose perspective after time and their bank accounts grow. Everyone has their hands out for the poor, but what about the working class who are heading in that direction? Most of the money that is given to states supposedly to help it grow has ended up in all of our politicians pockets. Mayor Barrett from Milwaukee is in a heap of crap because of the choices he has made with the states funding just so Johnson Controls could fill his pockets before he is voted out. Milwaukee spoke (both parties) and he went against us. I follow many issues, and yes, even with Walker. He has not paid close attention to this state since he got the *DC* plague in his head. He spends his time everywhere but here. He may have lowered taxes, but my house has lost a total of 15000 value because of that, even though many expensive upgrades were made. It is also the Mayors fault, because he will not allow the police department to go after the thugs killing every night because he wants to keep those votes. I am just totally sick of every stinking politician.