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  • Reply to: Full Koch Press for ALEC Right-to-Work Bill in Wisconsin   3 weeks 1 day ago

    It never ceases to amaze me how progressives fall for the right-wing doublespeak and use it in their articles and headlines. "Right-to-Work" legislation has nothing to do with the right to work. It is about weakening workers rights to organize. Using the right-wing's Orwellian language cooperates in their misinformation. I'm sure they love it!

  • Reply to: ALEC Right-to-Work Bill to Be Signed by Walker   3 weeks 2 days ago

    Scott Walker's recent pronouncements on union busting ( or as Walker calls it..."significant foreign policy". For example, see: ), place him at the front and center of the current GOP clown parade.

    It was inevitable that Walker would do his best to bust private sector unions after having busted the Wisconsin public sector unions. Busting all those grammarians, librarians, Latin teachers, band directors and home ec teachers prevented them from lighting a fire under our kids. Take that Islamic State ( ISIS ) and prepare for Armageddon; Walker is going to dismember you...from your thuggish, barbaric union...with his marauding army of Wisconsin Republican legislators! :-)

    There's no limit to the anti-worker and anti-people mentality and policy viewpoints of Walker; he's just doing what his owners tell him to do.

  • Reply to: Who Is Behind the National Right to Work Committee and its Anti-Union Crusade?   3 weeks 3 days ago

    Yeah, violence is NOT the answer, on EITHER side. That said, do some research into the Labor/Union movement, from it's origins, and see where the violence started. In current times the corporations no longer need the armed thugs they once employed since buying off elected officials is much more Politically Correct.

  • Reply to: Show Me the Money: Meet the Multimillionaire Squeezing Missouri's Schools   3 weeks 5 days ago

    This is another reason why we need to have limits on what a company and individual can contribute to a campaign or a political party.

  • Reply to: National Right to Work Committee Attacks WI Workers with Hypocritical Zeal   3 weeks 5 days ago

    This is really scary-this group against workers was formed back in 1955. How can anyone besides people such as the koch brothers believe this crap or support it? When is there going to be an uprising of the people? We need to educate people to what is going on if they have their heads in the sand and also get people to the polls! We need to have organizing campaigns to GROW labor unions. Workers deserve a voice at the table and to be treated fairly. Any regular person that is in favor of so called rtw-why do they think it is ok to benefit from an organization but not pay their fair share? Like paying taxes, club memberships, etc., duh! I live in WI & we took multiple financial blows bc of act 10. Now this 4 years later. Nasty, Mean republicans who are corporate whores. Now scotty wants to sell off state parks to corporations after taking state funding away. He's dismantling the dnr-that's just crap he wants to do as of this week. I really wish I could move to MN for instance. Never felt like moving until all this sh**.