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  • Reply to: Exposed by CMD: KIPP's Efforts to Keep the Public in the Dark while Seeking Millions in Taxpayer Subsidies   2 months 3 weeks ago
    I agree that you should keep exposing these arrogant fakes; They think they are beyond reproach but it is a mission soaked in ego, greed, and secrecy. I saw the lack of ethics, targeted raises, lavish travel, and sick loyalty first hand and got out while I could but not before seeing an eyefull, working day and night for egotistical bosses with no leadership or integrity, and being treated like a child. 'work hard, be nice' really means people walking around there in a daze, obedient, fake smiling, and behaving exactly how they are told to. There are positive slogans and buzz words plastered on the walls and behind the closed doors, its a corrupt circus. I was not allowed to express my opinion, told to smile alot, scolded and alienated for raising any issues. A PR machine and high-school mentality cult complete with bullying. No one there would let their own kid go to KIPP, yet they obey the cult. They even passed around an email comparing the CEO to Obama, ya sure..EGO
  • Reply to: Anti-Transparency Agenda Hailed Inside ALEC   3 months 11 hours ago
    Don't Forget Verizon!!!!!!! Member of Alec! Let us Boycott Verizon now! Verizon bought AOL and The Huffington Post. Obama's FCC and SEC must be nuts. It's $5.8 million annual salaried CEO Lowell C. McAdams has his right to his personal political beliefs but I see AOL is now the venue for his candidate Trump, ALEC, and the deficit reduction hawks who are all for axing entitlements but not corporate welfare!!!!!!!!!!! Boycott Verizon, AOL, and Huffington Post... we don't need their ugly manipulation and unfair and un American media practices.!
  • Reply to: New Koch-Funded Campaign to Kill the Electric Car and Squash Clean Energy   3 months 2 days ago
    Hard to forget something that comes from someone's imagination.
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    Florida: Politicians in Big Oil’s Pocket Beware, The People want their Solar
  • Reply to: Creatures of the Dark: Wisconsin GOP Caught Deleting Records, Again   3 months 4 days ago
    That's all you got? "Hillary did it"? Wow, that's some grade school level justification. Maybe you missed the fact that she came really close to losing to Bernie Sanders and that many who vote Dem are not happy with her winning (and are convinced that she so by cheating). Or perhaps it doesn't matter to you as long as your "team" wins? Like "who cares about fair play, winning is the only goal". It's disappointing and discouraging to see people so willing to throw away any sort of decency when it comes to politics. I don't agree when ANYONE from ANY political affiliation abuses their position and/or power. I'm not about playing favorites. I want good people in those positions. People that will do their best for everyone, not just themselves it even those who voted for them. That's called responsible government, taking care of even those who oppose you and your ideals.