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    I came across this site while researching what to do when a cash pay patient left after being seen and told the front desk sorry we don’t have any money and can’t pay you. No offer to make payment arrangements, just left after the doctor spent over an hour with them due to several complex issues. This is the second time I am responding to a comment. Stop thinking that your preventative exam is all encompassing. Read your benefit manual. Go online and look at your insurance company policies. Educate yourself. If you feel that the doctor is wrong to document and bill correctly then appeal it with your insurance company. I would hope that you got all your facts before you start accusing someone of fraud.

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    Lance, ALEC also still has her listed as Arkansas State Chair on its website, but the pattern is that she would be replaced by a current state legislator now that she has been elected to be the state Auditor, although ALEC's bylaws do not seem to explicitly require that State Chairs be state legislators. Those bylaws specify that State Chairs are appointed by the National Chairman, currently Iowa state Rep. Linda Upmeyer. New appointments may happen at ALEC's upcoming States & Nation Policy Summit in D.C. on 12/3-5.

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    I live in the 6th district in Wisconsin. I am so sorry that this man has been elected. He is also a huge Bieber fan. The only reason he won is because people in this area are very stupid. They can only decipher between a R or D. Facts are confusing for them. I think it's from the GMO's in the crops that are grown here it's causing brain damage and unfortunately it looks like it is only going to get scarier.

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    I was hoping it was more than another Left wing partisan platitude party masquerading as objective.


    Back to zerohedge, global research, and consortiumnews!

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    Unmentioned is that Burke also supported exclusivity.

    I guess you could say that both major party candidates were travelling down the same highway.