Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 08, 2014

"Congressman" Grothman is what happens when you combine gerrymandering with right-wing attack dog journalism.

Posted by Mary Bottari on November 07, 2014

In Richmond, CA, three seats on the City Council were up for election; the city also stood to elect a new mayor. Nothing unusual in this, perhaps, was it not for Chevron's $3.1 million dollar campaign to highjack the elections, which was first revealed by journalism student and former Center for Media and Democracy reporter, Harriet Rowan in the Berkeley publication Richmond Confidential.

Posted by Nick Surgey on November 06, 2014

The software company SAP America, has quit ALEC, telling CMD that it has made the decision because of the group's position on climate change, opposition to renewable energy, its position on gun safety and its attacks on voter rights.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 05, 2014

Minimum wage and paid sick day measures have been gaining momentum in the past year -- but keep an eye out for bills promoted by ALEC designed to crush that momentum and limit local control.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 04, 2014

Rex Sinquefield, who has been described as a "new American oligarch," has reported spending almost $9.5 million on Missouri state politics in 2014 alone, bringing Sinquefield's total spending in the state to nearly $41 million since 2006.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 03, 2014

A hole in Wisconsin's campaign finance laws opened by federal judge Rudolph Randa in September is being exploited by out-of-state billionaires like Sheldon Adelson.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on November 02, 2014

The Koch-backed American Future Fund is running a series of web-only ads urging Wisconsin stoners not to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, but instead to support the Libertarian Party candidate, Robert Burke.

Posted by Mary Bottari on October 31, 2014

Wisconsin AG Candidate Brad Schimel has said he wants to sue the EPA to stop new rules limiting coal fired emissions, citing "federal overreach."

Posted by Mary Bottari on October 30, 2014

On November 4, Wisconsin voters will decide if the state constitution should be amended to require that "revenues generated by use of the state transportation system be deposited into a transportation fund administered by a department of transportation for the exclusive purpose of funding Wisconsin's transportation systems and to prohibit any transfers or lapses from this fund."

Posted by Rebekah Wilce on October 29, 2014

As you stock up on candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters and prepare to inspect your children's candy haul, do you know where those treats were made, and by whom? Many candy brands are considered all-American favorites, but are they made in America?


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