Retribution and Revenge in the Wisconsin John Doe

The long running criminal investigation into whether or not Scott Walker and deep-pocketed dark money groups illegally coordinated the expenditure of some $30 million to win the 2012 recall elections should be old news by now.

Contempt of Court: Trump’s Judicial Blitz Betrays His Hostility to Rule of Law

President Donald Trump’s open hostility to the functioning of federal government has been painfully obvious for months.

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There is a "sucker punch" aspect of this entire episode, that has been used in the past, that makes it doubly despicable. The now dead open records issue was so completely outrageous and unexpected that it served its intended purpose – to draw attention away from the many other very contentious and controversial aspects of this budget. And that was exactly what Walker and the majority Republicans wanted to happen.

--Jay Heck, Common Cause in Wisconsin

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