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  • Reply to: Lawmakers Get To K Street Via Capitol Hill   14 years 11 months ago
    I did a research paper that touched on this subject and found Jonathan Rauch's book, "Demosclerosis," a great source of info. In Rauch's book which was published in 1994, it was said that 40% of Congressmen had become professional lobbyists upon leaving public office. If that number has only risen to 43% today, then the trend is not increasing at an alarming rate, but is still something that needs to be carefully watched. As with any position of power, the tendency to abuse the privilege becomes greater when people believe that no one is watching. If anyone out there has any suggestions for other books, publications, or other sources of further information regarding this phenomenon, please post it or email me as I am very interested in this topic. Thank you.
  • Reply to: Iraqis Don't Count   14 years 11 months ago
    Perhaps, instead of running around playing warrior, some of these enterprising journalists could visit Iraqi morgues, hospitals and families, develop their own numbers, and talk to some of the Iraqi victims' families? No, they'd rather be guests on cable TV (have you noticed how many print journalists find themselves on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, et al these days?) Please. Journalist, heal thyself. If you are expecting the dissembling (or as King George said, "disassembling") Bush administration to do the job for you, you are truly as deluded as Geraldo Rivera - (whose real name is Jerry Rivers).
  • Reply to: Government Abandons Children to Big Food   14 years 11 months ago
    Since "the government" is not responsible for feeding our kids, how can they "abandon" kids to Big Food? Whatever happened to parental responsibility? My mom and dad made sure they knew what I was eating. I detest the Bush administration and abhor most of what they are doing, from Iraq to the environment. But this is liberal claptrap.
  • Reply to: War is Fun as Hell   14 years 11 months ago
    Sheldon Rampton's column is interesting and enlightening. But it is more than a little unfair to the uniformed military, which has been put in its currently difficult position - recruiting-wise - by the madness of King George and his War Minister Rumsfeld. Say you're an Army Sergeant First Class (SFC, E-7) in Dayton, Ohio and you're charged with signing up 10 men or women each month. Your quota, the pressure on you, and your sworn obligation aren’t diminished by the fact that the civilian leadership in the West Wing and Pentagon has no idea what the hell they're doing in Iraq. You still have to do your job, and in fact, the men and women "over there" depend on you since they don't leave until they are replaced. So you use the tactics that work, and that recruiters, frankly, have always used. That doesn't make them wrong, or dishonest. Anyone who doesn't know what's going on in Iraq is culpably ignorant, more so any young person who contemplates joining the military. Let's focus less on the underpaid airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines who are doing their jobs, and more on the clowns who've sent them in harm’s way without a plan nor a way to get out.
  • Reply to: Terror War Gets New Slogan   14 years 11 months ago
    Don't you get it? This is brought to you by the same asswipe brigade headed by Karl (Turd Blossom) Rove that called destroying the last shreds of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendments the "USA PATRIOT" Act, cobbled out of an asinine and meaningless newspeak phrase. Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism ... Global SAVE, get it?! With the boy emperor as, you got it, the head SAVior.