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    You can't just blame the soda companies for pop in schools. Yes, Pepsi, Coke, etc., give big bucks to schools (scoreboards, etc.) in exchange for placing pop machines. You'll notice that it's not all pop in those machines. (But, I'm not naive enough to think kids will choose MinuteMaid or water on their own.) Since the soda makers are making it voluntary, the schools should go ahead and pull the machines, or make the companies put in drinks with less sode and caffeine (caffiene?). Yes, I don't want my kids drinking pop at school. But don't come down hard on just the supplier. Their ultimate goal is to make money; not care for children. They have some responsibility, but so do the schools and the parents. The companies are making a start. Mike
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    Merck's Len Tacconi said the campaign is "not self-serving in any way."

    Are your investors aware of this, Len? Can you give us the list of Merck employees who have been fired or fined for violating their legal duty to increase shareholder value by participating in this non-self-serving project?

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    The "begging" is going to have to stop! "Viewers like you" and those who also pay taxes, have learned to turn off "beg week" ... and will forget to turn public stations on again if all they get is privately underwritten propaganda ... At our house, we're finding alternatives left and right (but not so much as left). We like Sundance Channel and Air America Radio, and the C-SPANs even! VOA has way more competition than it ever had before. It's hard to imagine what the White House is hoping to accomplish.
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    Is Stan just saying that because anybody can say anything these days, true or not, factual or not, supported by nothing, and it is supposed to go unchallenged and be ok? This is a real "Well, duh" ... Should somebody tell him? Or is it hopeless?
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    Voluntary restrictions have a history of working very well. For instance, we hardly have any pollution ever since the big industrial companies started voluntarily cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. -- esp