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    My proof of their ECOIMAGINATION - I have a very high efficiency engine, which can surpass even GE's ecological, and/or financial ob jectives. Who within GE is a contact point for discussion of such?
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    Check out the recent DVD release of Dr Strangelove for something exactly like that, canned video answers to questions, meant to be spliced in with footage of a local interviewer. Here are my thoughts on it:
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    Propaganda is only an adjunct to power. Those in power seem to be less and less interested in depending on persuasion and more attracted to more tangible methods of social control. As many have pointed out, we are living under a regime of political repression. While I am a persistent defender of our human natures, it is unreasonable to expect that people will take personal risks in the face of a repressive political climate. So many repressive tools are available to the regime, so much detailed information on individuals is at their fingertips, that it is illusory to expect that organized resistance on a national level will be effective. This is in no way to demean the courageous acts of principled people. However, we are very, very bad at supporting people amongst us who suffer for conscience. Until we come to understand solidarity, our real champions will be attacked when seen, silent while in hiding. We are an occupied country folks. We live under a clever version of martial law. Calm reflection seems to be in order. We need to regroup to forge a clear understanding of our predicament. This will not require money. It will require intellectual and moral honesty. We will need to act locally once we find ourselves on the same page. I would like to be wrong about this. Sorry. herb
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    is my friend!!!! There are those is the size acceptance movement who lament that the Center for Consumer Freedom is getting involved in this issue. While my opinion of the later is hardly favorable, I say it is high time someone takes on the pharmaceutical companies. For years there have been health professionals who have questioned the automatic association between obesity and poor health. Their voices were stifled by both the pharmaceuticals who pay off journalists and a popular prejudice. No grass roots group has the power to stand up to a behemoth like the Robert Woods Johnson foundation who makes megabucks off antiobesity hysteria. I am glad both sides of the issue are coming out, let this debate at least be examined critically and fairly. And let the corporations go at it against each other and use up all their resources. Since all the benefits of moderate fatness have been suppressed, this may be one war which benefits a more balanced exhange of information.