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  • Reply to: Liberal Money   14 years 11 months ago
    The 2004 campaign showed fundraising was one thing, thinking an other and succeeding yet another. The difference was made at the county level. On this topic, another article can be found in the Brainwash Post ("Rich Liberals Vow to Fund Think Tanks" - Since it was dated August the 6th, I guess it inspired the Guardian. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Stephane MOT - ______________________________________________________________________________________
  • Reply to: Wal-Mart Works On Image In Big Apple   14 years 11 months ago
    Note that Wal-Mart are already targeting communities these days : they teamed up with Venezuela's giant Cisnero group in order to launch Movida Communications, a mobile virtual network operator designed for the hispanic communities. Big bucks are already planned for ads and Cisnero could also help for the PR. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Stephane MOT - ______________________________________________________________________________________
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    That's OK : I prefer the seat of the dummy to that of Rummy. G-SAVE ? Sounds like a Google back-up service... with as many zeroes as in a budget deficit. Anyway, the Prez didn't save his saliva in a speech mentioning 5 times "War on terror" plus 13 times the word "war" on its own*. The show must go on even as the Titanic is sinking. The beauty of BC04 Amerika is that even a Rumsfeld can pass for a dove these days. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Stephane "crash-test-dummy" MOT - ______________________________________________________________________________________ * That's in today's NYT ("President Makes It Clear: Phrase Is 'War on Terror'") :
  • Reply to: Return of the Payola Pundit   14 years 11 months ago
    For another take on this story, go to It includes extensive background on the Williams story, and links to two previous articles about the Williams payola scandal. One question, by the way, that remains unanswered -- Did Williams return the money?
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    We need well resourced Independent News Organizations. One I like is COA News - and check out the Free News Alerts