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    go to archives of c-span and hear the 2nd in command under bush's father set up this company it's an aei lecture you know the same group that brought you the war in iraq the man also wrote a book called 'china hands' the irony drips from this in that this guy was rockefellers oil salesman in pre1940's china. All this garantees that this will sail thru sec or anybody seeking to stop it. also the guy says how this is the blueprint for development of mainland china and that this could lead to the economic expansion of the chinese economy all this says is sellout of our jobs for profit for elite bankers and financiers with no vote for you and I.
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    The Sierra Club's ringing endorsement of a mere 2000 Mercury Mariner Hybrid vehicles (29/33 mpg) is emblematic of the sad state of both the automotive industry and the environmental movement. While Dan Becker and Neil Golightly were meeting to come to such an insignificant nationwide result, in California alone an equal number of zero-emission, zero-gasoline electric cars have been taken from satisfied customers and destroyed. 1000 GM EV1s sit crushed in the Arizona desert, and an untold number of Toyota RAV4 EVs, Ford RangerEVs, Ford Th!nk City EVs, and Honda EV+s have similarly been "recycled," as they like to put it. Ford, at least it can be said, is acting in its perceived bottom-line interest in refusing to offer proven non-petroleum options, and touting as significant a 29/33 mpg vehicle merely because it sports the label "hybrid." What interest our oldest environmental organization has in giving Ford and the auto industry cover for denying us meaningful choices remains a mystery to me.
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    I think it's appropriate for environmentalists to debate the Sierra Club's choice to assist Ford in promoting the Mariner Hybrid SUV. I want to emphasize the importance of maintaining unity when looking at the big picture: climate change, Iraq, oil addiction, etc. When the Wall Street Journal comes calling, our internal discussion should take a back seat to our external, public criticism of the Bush Administration's inaction on climate change, Exxon Mobil's junk science, Cheney and Rumsfeld's oil-motivated militarism, etc. The media always like controversy. We can use their interest to further our cause. The bad guy here isn't the Sierra Club, or even Ford. It is the obstructionists who prevent us from engaging a national Apollo Project for renewable energy and sustainable transportation. If we can keep the media focused there, then the American people will eventually come around. Ford's short term greenwashing is only acceptable if they make continual progress by making more hybrids. 2,000 cars is a very small step. At this point, Toyota will sell more Priuses in one month than Ford expects to in a year. That's not leadership, yet. Sierra Club may have given pre-emptive flattery, but if Ford responds, then maybe they were just a little ahead of the curve.
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    "What Would John Muir Drive? Maybe This SUV 'For years, we've pressured Ford to make more fuel-efficient cars and trucks,' says the Sierra Club's Dan Becker, 'Now they have begun to, and we want to help them succeed.'" So reads the post to the 300,000-strong Sierra Club email list, overtly promoting a Ford SUV. To be fair, any vehicle that gets better gas mileage is good news. However, a closer look reveals that Ford will only produce 2,000 of these vehicles in the 2006 model year. This represents three one-hundredths of one percent of Ford’s estimated 2005 sales of nearly 7 million vehicles. And still, Ford is in last place in fuel efficiency among the world’s major automakers. The fact is that America can no longer afford to support Ford's oil addiction. If you agree, go to and sign the Declaration of Independence from Oil. Meanwhile, the campaign to Jumpstart Ford continues with a full page ad in today's New York Times. Q: What do Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, Dick Cheney, and Bill Ford Jr. have in common? A: They all love gas guzzlers.
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    I founded my company, NewsMD Communications on the very principle that health news is vital and should be reported by health journalists and not public relation personnel. In producing video news releases, I conduct independent research,interview multiple sources as well as analyze and critique information before doing so. Many health reporters contact me for stories because they know I review stories with the same critical eye that they would if they had the time. It's the production -- not the control of content that is paid for. There's a big difference. But, that's no excuse for the health producer or reporter to not get on the phone to do actual research on the story themselves. If they don't then they're simply not doing their jobs. I know I don't allow anyone to control editorial content.