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    Shortly before his death, Roy Bamborough revealed how he had received a special settlement from Dow Canada in return for silence regarding the number of deaths in Dow's Canadian research labs.. an agreement that prevented 60 or so others from bringing suit re workplace negligence. His knowledge came from being department head...sorry..can't prove a thing...have to present this as unfounded rumour..from Roy himself.
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    Has anybody bothered to deconstruct Alex Avery's credentials? (Aside from being his father's son?) His bio on is pretty slim for a place that pulls out the stops like they do. I don't see ANY degrees whatsoever. His McKnight fellowship is as invisible as all the rest; a search at (or should I search Perdue?) did not turn up anything except a link to the McKnight foundation and their website had no hits on the term at all Anybody out there got the skinny on this?
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    I don't see the connotation as overly positive. It works for me.
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    It's like we say in Gainesville: Can't get into college? Go to FSU. -- esp
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    SEIU has also launched a website refuting the facts from ..