Posted by Conor Kenny on August 06, 2007

Both chambers of Congress scrambled to pass weighty and complicated pieces of legislation before they adjourned for the August recess, with the House finally wrapping things up on Sunday. The biggest measures were on domestic wiretapping, ethics, childrens' health insurance and energy. The headlines below link to the respective full Congresspedia articles. Know something about the bills? Help out by editing the articles:

Posted by Bob Burton on August 02, 2007

Gazprom pipelineGazprom, the Russian gas company that supplies approximately one-quarter of Europe's gas needs, has hired the PR firms Gavin Anderson, Ketchum and GPlus to handle "all financial and cor

Posted by Conor Kenny on July 31, 2007

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has opened up the legislative process to citizen participation for a new "national broadband strategy" bill that would cover network neutrality policy, broadband Internet availability and spectrum policy. He has been blogging and asking for suggestions at the new site and his office has encouraged CMD to setup a parallel project on Congresspedia where we are collecting all the arguments, data and research needed to draft and evaluate the legislation when Sen. Durbin posts it online.

You don't need to be an expert to join this effort - Simply go to the project homepage and check it out. If you'd like to pitch in, leave a note on the project's discussion page or email the Congresspedia managing editor at CKenny [at]

If this is your first time editing on SourceWatch, you can register here, and learn more about adding information to the site here and here. And if you'd like to work on something else, earlier citizen journalism projects are here and here.

Posted by Bob Burton on July 30, 2007

The U.K Public Administration Committee, which has launched an investigation into the lobbying industry, will visit Washington D.C. in October to research the U.S. system for regulating lobbying.

Posted by Bob Burton on July 30, 2007

Solid Energy protest: Source: Happy Valley CoalitionThe New Zealand Government-owned coal mining company, Solid Energy, has had only a limited win with the legal action it launched over a spoof corporate social responsibility

Posted by Sheldon Rampton on July 29, 2007

As leading newspapers continue to face falling revenues and profits, Merrill Goozner laments the loss of paying journalism jobs. "Advertising dollars are migrating away from print to the internet, broadcasting and other sources like direct mail," he writes. "Companies like Google and Yahoo are rolling in cash. But they hire very few journalists (if any). And those they do hire have very few standards. ... It is often said that our democracy cannot survive without a free press.

Posted by Conor Kenny on July 27, 2007

It was an eventful week on Capitol Hill, as high-profile issues were debated and considered in both the House and Senate. Numerous spending measures were taken up, as well as campaign finance legislation. For an in-depth look at the major bills considered in Congress since Monday, we again turn to Robert McElroy’s TheWeekInCongress. His site is a great resource for citizens wishing to keep track of what their members are up to in Washington, and we urge you to check it out.


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