Posted by Bob Burton on July 30, 2007

Solid Energy protest: Source: Happy Valley CoalitionThe New Zealand Government-owned coal mining company, Solid Energy, has had only a limited win with the legal action it launched over a spoof corporate social responsibility

Posted by Sheldon Rampton on July 29, 2007

As leading newspapers continue to face falling revenues and profits, Merrill Goozner laments the loss of paying journalism jobs. "Advertising dollars are migrating away from print to the internet, broadcasting and other sources like direct mail," he writes. "Companies like Google and Yahoo are rolling in cash. But they hire very few journalists (if any). And those they do hire have very few standards. ... It is often said that our democracy cannot survive without a free press.

Posted by Conor Kenny on July 27, 2007

It was an eventful week on Capitol Hill, as high-profile issues were debated and considered in both the House and Senate. Numerous spending measures were taken up, as well as campaign finance legislation. For an in-depth look at the major bills considered in Congress since Monday, we again turn to Robert McElroy’s TheWeekInCongress. His site is a great resource for citizens wishing to keep track of what their members are up to in Washington, and we urge you to check it out.

Posted by Conor Kenny on July 26, 2007

Note: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has opened up the legislative process to direct suggestions and feedback from citizens over at the new site, where he has been live-blogging about a new, comprehensive Internet bill he is writing. This post is about a parallel project we've started on Congresspedia. Cross-posted at OpenLeft.

Any good piece of legislation is built on a solid understanding of the available research and data. Sen. Durbin has enlisted several knowledgeable experts to help him in this project and there's been some great discussion in the comments on OpenLeft. But comment threads can only go so long before, well, the threads get tangled.

So, to fully enable collaboration between all the Internet wonks, policy geeks and regular Joes and Janes out there who have some relevant information (or can find some), we've created an open knowledge base on the Congresspedia wiki for Sen. Durbin's project.

Posted by Bob Burton on July 25, 2007

Some of the major shareholders of the Dow Jones company, which publishes the Wall Street Journal, are agonizing over whether to accept a takeover bid from Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate, News Corporation. With steady traffic to the Murdoch-related articles in SourceWatch, it would be good to include details of the donations he and his companies have made to U.S. politicians.

Posted by Bob Burton on July 25, 2007

Tasmanian logging (Photo: The Wilderness Society)A lobbyist for the Australian forestry company Gunns will travel with a delegation of Tasmanian politicians visiting pulp mills in Brazil, Chile and Finland.

Posted by Bob Burton on July 25, 2007

The detention and subsequent charging of an Indian-born doctor, Mohamed Haneef, under draconian anti-terrorism laws has turned into a PR nightmare for the Australian government. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) charged Haneef with providing support to a terrorist organization, claiming that he had provided a mobile phone SIM card to a relative who had it with him when he recently crashed his car into Glasgow airport terminal. The AFP subsequently conceded that the SIM card was with another relative hundreds of kilometers away at the time of the airport attack.

Posted by Sheldon Rampton on July 24, 2007

A recent study by the National Security Archive of George Washington University finds that U.S. government agencies are stalling on public requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act. Five U.S. agencies — the State Department, the C.I.A., the criminal division of the Justice Department, the Air Force and the F.B.I.

Posted by Conor Kenny on July 23, 2007


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