30 January 2013
Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson had a bad week, a really bad week. First he was raked over the coals by Hillary Clinton, then raked over the coals by Senator John Kerry. Then the usually media shy U.S... more
24 January 2013
In a testament to the power of independent media, the award-winning public television show Frontline this week helped push a top Department of Justice (DOJ) official out the door. On Tuesday,... more
24 January 2013
With the nation still grappling with high unemployment and depressed tax revenues, many states are stepping up efforts to lure jobs from neighboring states -- paying firms a fortune to jump state... more
08 January 2013
Missing the fiscal cliff? Don't know what to talk about at the dinner table? Get ready, the Bipartisan Policy Center has predicted that on February 15, 2013, the U.S. Treasury will take in an... more
02 January 2013
For better or worse, a bill passed Congress in the wee hours of 2013 averting the much-hyped "fiscal cliff" for now and raising taxes on couples making over $450,000 and extending a lifeline of... more
20 December 2012
Fracking fights across the country are heating up this week. Governor Andrew Cuomo's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued proposed regulations for fracking in New York, even... more
19 December 2012
You know you are not going to be seeing the brightest bulbs on TV defending America's loose gun laws the weekend after the mass slaughter of children. Even the NRA had gone dark, taking down its... more
07 December 2012
How times have changed. Ten years ago the United States was looking at importing natural gas via massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, yet to be built. Now the country appears to be getting... more
06 December 2012
Today in Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder and his GOP controlled lame-duck legislature pulled a fast one, introducing and then ramming through the House and the Senate so-called "right to work" legislation... more
05 December 2012
The Washington Post's Bob Woodward obtained an audio recording of a conversation between David Petraeus, the general turned CIA Director who recently resigned in the midst of a sex scandal, and Fox... more


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