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11 March 2014
The Wisconsin Senate is poised to vote today on a number of bills that would restrict access to the ballot and increase the influence of lobbyists in the state, despite the strong objections of... more
03 March 2014
It's been a bad few weeks for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. First, his former deputy chief of staff, Kelly Rindfleisch, released 28,000 pages of emails from her criminal corruption case... more
20 February 2014
I spent the day reading Kelly Rindfleisch's emails. They were released as part of the final court proceedings regarding the first John Doe, the closed-door, criminal investigation of Scott Walker's... more
20 February 2014
It's debt ceiling time, and the United States economy is once again on the brink, held hostage by extremists hell-bent on forcing cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Oh, wait. That was last year... more
22 January 2014
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is getting ready for his "State of the State" address tonight. On the menu? Tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts. Among the cuts, Walker will propose an income tax... more
21 January 2014
Rep. Dave Camp (R- MI) and Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) have introduced "Fast Track" legislation in Congress. It's been 15 years since a U.S. president sought Fast Track authority, which strips Congress of... more
23 December 2013
(Madison, WI) – The Center for Media and Democracy's (CMD) series of profiles on "America's Highest Paid Government Workers" today puts the spotlight on Richard Montoni, Chief Executive Officer of... more
25 November 2013
The post-Citizens United dark money showdown is underway in Wisconsin. Wisconsin makes sense. In November 2010, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker swept to power at a time of economic turmoil with a... more
14 November 2013
Say it ain't so Jon. Our friend Jon Romano, press secretary for the inside-the-beltway PR campaign "Fix the Debt" and its pet youth group, The Can Kicks Back, have been caught writing op-eds for... more
07 November 2013
Another day, another outraged world leader. The NSA was caught listening in on Angela Merkel's cell phone much in the way the crooks at Murdoch's News of the World (now standing trial in a British... more


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