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  • Reply to: Tax Day Repurposed To "Illuminate" Corporate Tax Evaders   4 years 2 weeks ago
    Tax evasion is impossible if the tax laws are simple since simplicity is the best sophistication. Lengthy rules become weak since they offer enough room for the loopholes to enter. In view of this fundamental flaw in the law, let us not punish the tax evader. Let us support him with simple and easy tax laws. Let us win his appreciation for a common good.
  • Reply to: Blockbuster Reports Reveal Widespread Surveillance of Phone and Internet Records by Obama Administration   4 years 2 weeks ago
    If I am in contact with people in the United States, whether by phone, email or a web forum, does this mean that my personal data collected through this program? Because if so, this is a blatant invasion of my privacy. I do not live there, I do not pay tax there and I do not have the right to vote there. I have not given permission to collect information about me. So we can say that the U.S. government violated my human rights (and those of all Canadians, and if we extrapolate those of all citizens of the planet). If a reporter-researcher read these lines, I invite you to do your investigation to confirm or deny publicly, what I say. Of course, it would be nice if that journalist could also ask questions that require the Canadian government, which is responsible for enforcing the privacy of Canadians. I look forward to hear from you. <u>Angry <a href="">Blogger</a></u>
  • Reply to: Wisconsin Bill Would Treat Organic Milk, Sharp Cheddar, Brown Eggs as "Junk Food"   4 years 2 weeks ago
    Maybe you should go consult a dietician because if your mother is a diabetic she shouldn't be having any type white, whole grain, or whole wheat bread because its more difficult to digest. She should be consuming things that are easier to digest such as corn tortillas and such. I'm not a dietician, but I do know plenty of diabetics. (this is assuming she is Type II and not Type I, you didn't specify)
  • Reply to: Sarah Palin: The Koch Brother’s Union Maid   4 years 2 weeks ago
    If our leaders demanded this publically they would all be assassinated by the United Nations they are all playing a dangerous game; just vote and support your leaders, in your heart you know who they are. They simply represent a lot of people. All the leaders are secretly friends they are just separating the mice from the men. It's all how America identifies itself and the left the democrats are cold blooded killers and are complimentary to the UN's agendas. The leaders have to feel out what move to make next in regards to our enemies. The right consistantly supports life. The malevolent "foreign" bodies amoung us support depopulation so on. The people have to be ready to fight as one against a real enemy.
  • Reply to: Blockbuster Reports Reveal Widespread Surveillance of Phone and Internet Records by Obama Administration   4 years 2 weeks ago
    The NSA can spy and intimidate all they want they need to use the phones and internet which is already controlled by the people that payed to make it all possible in the first place. So these NSA workers are going to get pegged by more powerful people. As for the Media someone has to begin to take control of it for it is completely out of control and corrupt. The whistleblowers will be shielded as well as the Newspeople.