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  • Reply to: Backgrounder: the History of the NRA/ALEC Gun Agenda   1 year 9 months ago

    Lisa Graves needs to research the activities of the NRA before she presents herself as an authoritative source of information on the NRA. They have been behind every "reasonable gun-control" law ever enacted.

    Some attorneys are honest. Lisa appears not to be one. At lease intellectually.

  • Reply to: "Operation Tripwire" -- the FBI, the Private Sector, and the Monitoring of Occupy Wall Street   1 year 9 months ago

    Pentagon overtly shows interest in Professosr Debarros's activity followed by my reports in the comment section. Here is the link followed by the site meter entry by Pentagon's global torturers & assassins:

    GERAL W. SOSBEE vs. fbi ? (Military)
    140.185.55.# (The Pentagon)
    The Pentagon
    Jan 6 2013 5:35:08 am

    Referring URL

    Visit Entry Page

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    How do you want it to be? People who joined @10 think that regular Americans and subject matter experts – not government or the media -- are in the best position to solve problems. They want an easier way to participate, solve problems, and hold leaders accountable between elections.

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    I was most struck by the statement, "average Americans who will need to stay engaged." They will first need to become engaged, at least at some meaningful level, and the overwhelming majority of them will need to make some effort to become informed--and help by informing others. Grousing at the water cooler does not count as engagement. For that matter, even voting is so minimal a level of engagement when the best you can do to justify you vote is to say, "The poor can't afford the implementation of austerity measures. We don't have anything as it is. There is this huge wealth concentration at the top of the economic caste."

    For the love of Pete! There is a very real economic impact for us all in austerity measures, and I'd bet not one in ten people have even the faintest clue about what that impact is. Knowing this--becoming truly informed--and helping to get that message out is vital.

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