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  • Reply to: PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary "Citizen Koch" To Appease Koch Brothers   3 years 6 months ago
    YOU DO. That's exactly the kind of attitude people like the Koch Brothers want from Americans. These men were raised by a man who adopted a communist philosophy about business and now their possess immoral amounts of wealth AND POWER over far too many areas of our democracy. What will you say when they obtain that same level of power over YouTube and other key aspects of your freedoms. That's the danger in believing that Freedom is Free. It most definitely IS NOT and if you pull your head out of the well protected idea of what you believe American liberty & freedom to be, you will realize this democracy you are so falsely secure in has largely been purchased with millionaire money. this the reason the idea of United in the nation is no longer a national philosophy. It's now a battle cry.
  • Reply to: Congressmen Pocan and Ellison Introduce "Right to Vote" Constitutional Amendment   3 years 6 months ago
    I agree that every CITIZEN should be encouraged to vote. What I will NOT tolerate is dead people voting, people voting multiple times , convictedf felons voting OR NON CITIZENS given the privileges of citizenship by giving them the right to vote. If this amendment is ever written it must include provisions on how we identify who is and who is NOT a citizen ans staes must be allowed to clean out their voting roles and remove the dead voters. Let's improve the system so that people cannot vote twice or more. Your arguement of "college stipudents"--they can vote absentee at their home address, rather than voting twice once at their college polling place and again as an absentee. Seniors can easily get an ID. All of the seniors that the Dems carried to the polls-- how about carrying them to get an ID or help them vote absentee. There are very few voters who cannot find a way to vote,but mynfearnis those who vote multiple times.
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    If you think hippies are wimpy, I guess you don't know any. PBS wasn't always gutless. They had guts in the '70s.
  • Reply to: Ambiguity in Tax Rules and Disintegration of Election Law May Have Led to IRS Tea Party Mess   3 years 6 months ago
    The statute demands 501 C4 activities be EXCLUSIVELY devoted to the public welfare. Why is it the media and all complaintants can even question the issue? Why is that fact not quoted every time the discussion is approached?? Why isn't our brave Congressional Committee facing that fact and ending the controversy?
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    Davis Koch is, I believe, singled out because he has been for decades using his wealth to undermine democracy more than any other billionaire. He is different and highly dangerous because his wealth is so massive and such means, and the power and influence it buys, are a major threat to American democracy. Photographed frequently at New York social events, and accompanied by his trophy wife, he always registers a sly and sinister smile, a factor that exemplifies an individual who hides the dirty secrets of the human spirit.