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    Remember to put all your liquids in a one quart bag and take your shoes off at the airport because this is what happens when law abiding people are viewed as terrorists.

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    Whether the guy was a typical gun owner, or even whether he could legally own a gun isn't the issue at hand. It's the ubiquity and presence of guns among "typical" owners that assures it wont take long for someone doing B&Es on houses, businesses, or cars, to find some "typical" owners arsenal.

    This also ignores the simple fact that more people are killed with their own gun than house invaders, armed robbers, or muggers die in the commission of a crime against those same gun owners.

    The point is....guns make it far too easy, far to quickly, for someone suffering a momentary lapse in rational judgement due to the sort of emotionally jarring event that can happen to all of us, given the right circumstances. Like being armed with a concealed carry license, losing your job meaning losing the house, having several drinks to ease the shame and guilt of telling the wife, only to find her in bed with a neighbor when you get home. It would take a strong person to not.. at least have the /notion/ of killing somebody cross a person's mind. And that's only one of a thousand possible scenarios where a firearm in the hands of someone who is a "typical" gun owner, but who is now on a path toward a massacre. Whereas if they only had access to a knife or a bow, one maybe two people might die before the rest escape and police show up.

    Criminals tend to kill other criminals with guns, so the "only criminals will have guns" excuse is pointless. Law-abiding citizens are killed by other law-abiding citizens more often than by criminals with guns. It's the neighbor or fellow worker who snaps for one reason or another that engage in these massacres OR one family member kills another mistaking them for a burglar, or is shot due to careless storage or handling.

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    OK, so this guy has an issue about sewage sludge and he knows that certified organic is not allowed to be grown using it but he can't always afford to buy certified organic so he expects his retailer to label all produce according to whether or not it was grown with such sludge. That's a pretty big ask, dude.

    No effort is made to present actual data on to what degree any toxins, pharmaceuticals, or heavy metals are introduced into the soil by using this input. People have a sense or a feeling that it's wrong but provide no data supporting this.

    Perhaps more significantly, absolutely no data are shown to indicate whether or not these substances may then be taken up by plants grown in that soil.

    Wild guesses are not evidence. Look, if you don't want to eat food grown with sewage sludge, there is a solution: eat certified organic! Or work to ban sewage sludge as an ag input altogether. But expecting that your intuition is adequate reason for a retailer to label inputs used to grow each and every type of produce, that's living in fantasy land.

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    Wherever you got your "a man with a concealed firearm confronted the gunman" information is COMPLETELY FALSE! I live in Portland about 5 miles from that mall. Early and subsequently confirmed reports say, he stole the gun, and randomly massacred two innocent people. I'm sure he would have tried for more, but the size and scope of the terrain is most likely what hindered his attempts. No one knows why, and NO ONE came forward to explain that he 'confronted the gunman'... he was found in a back room stairwell gunshot to the head, fully (in my opinion) intending to commit these crimes and end his life as well, regardless of whether your mythical hero intimidated him. I call BS on your claim.


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