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  • Reply to: Congressmen Pocan and Ellison Introduce "Right to Vote" Constitutional Amendment   3 years 5 months ago
    Seeing the "stop-specific-voters" attempts on the part of Republican majority states during the past election and still now trying to sneak the legislation into being - I am convinced that the current 1% and their cronies in power are determined to restore the country back to pre-1920-thereabouts voting and make sure that those they consider 'ignorant' (some of them are!) do not have any right to vote for anyone that is not in support of their agenda. We all know what happens when any group are the 'chosen ones' - they automatically begin to think of themselves as special, with God-given rights to the level they are at, and look down on anyone not in their group as not-deserving of the same consideration. We probably would all be doing exactly the same thing ourselves, BUT that does not make it ok ! We need to make sure those who are foolish enough to think they are part of the chosen ones also (because they vote for them?) get an education asap in what the chosen ones are REALLY up to - you low-level Repubs will suddenly find yourselves with no rights and it will all be entirely YOUR fault !!!! I guess that is when the country types get their guns out and start fighting, and they will need to fight their own party, not the Dems !! They are so dumb, they don't even realise who their enemies really are !!
  • Reply to: PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary "Citizen Koch" To Appease Koch Brothers   3 years 5 months ago
    I know you must need a boogeyman and all, but you have to realize that not all of those things are the same. The Cato Institute has long had a poor relationship with the Ayn Rand Institute, because they don't believe the same things. The people promoting Ayn Rand are the Wall Street and Silicon Valley types and wannabes with delusions of grandeur, who believe they are heroes holding up the world, and haven't yet figured out that Michael Douglas's character in a certain '80s movie directed by Oliver Stone was supposed to be the bad guy. I'm opposed to some basic tenets of libertarian philosophy, but as a whole, most libertarians are not that bad, compared to the people who still dominate the Republican Party. I'd prefer it to getting fundamentalist morality forced on me, a police state, or perpetual war to Americanize the world, to say the least. Seriously, you're taking this rich guy and his brother, and making them the supreme evil responsible for all of the ills the U.S. faces, when I'm sure they probably have more than a few views that a lot of you agree with. The collective decisions of the very wealthy as a class, perhaps, but one or two dudes are not the problem you're looking for.
  • Reply to: Is Monsanto's New Genetically Engineered Soy a Health Food?   3 years 5 months ago
    Your interpretation of Ms. Richardson's criticism is tortured at best. Please re-read the article. Moreover, anything that is genetically modified to create a replacement product for something natural is by definition a "band aid fix." Calling the consumption of hemp seeds a band aid fix is propagandistic truth twisting. You sound like you work for Monsanto or one of their contractors.
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    when david koch or sheldon adelson appear on this list alongside bill gates and warren buffett, i'll consider them philanthropists. that's like calling the koch brothers ENVIRONMENTALISTS. they can say they are philanthropists or environmentalists, but their actions belie those claims.
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    Your words are dead on, the fact our country is headed down the wrong path- at the behest of delusional billionaires, Bankers, hedge fund managers, & rating agencies who don't go to jail. 400 ppm carbon in the air we breathe.I could go on & on. An inept Justice Department-Jamie Dimond, Lloyd Blankfein. Olny a Robespirre type movement can clean-up this mess. As the government is paralyzed by the magic dust of quid pro quo corruption and power from the 1% delusional, elite, plutocrats... It's an indictment that can be proved! But, let's trash the planet and do nothing. So sad, indeed.