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  • Reply to: Americans for Prosperity Provides "Grassroots" for Controversial Wisconsin Mining Bill   2 years 1 month ago

    Even the Isthmus, probably the 2nd most liberal newspaper (behind the Shepherd Express), agrees with not having a disparity between states. Currently, Minnesota and Michigan already have iron mines with do not produce toxins which come from sulfide ores (copper, zinc and gold).
    Nobody is saying throw away the EPA standards as we are so high above them! All this over regulation does is reduce the workforce in this state!!!
    I wish PR would heed its own words on "spin and disinformation", and actually find out the true environmental impact, not just spew out what ever the far left has to say!
    Here is the link to the Isthmus (from Madison):

  • Reply to: Sprucing Up Suppression: Pennsylvania GOP Proposes New Election-Rigging Scheme   2 years 1 month ago

    The new version of the GOP proposal is much improved over the first one that was based on Congressional Districts. They are doing it, of course, for the wrong reasons, party interest, but this would a huge improvement over the current system, giving PA a far more proportionally representative, i.e. more democratic, Presidential election and abolishing the disenfranchisement that a large majority of PA voters currently suffer with respect to the Presidential election. Funny how the Democrats are left arguing against democracy because it isn't in their party interests. They are suffering from the same disease as the GOP, but wind up on the side of suppressing the vote.

  • Reply to: Marco Rubio, Geo Group, and a Legacy of Corruption   2 years 1 month ago

    The article on GEO is well researched and documented. I have personal knowledge and experience with many of the players. Alan Bense, Charlie Hilton, Guy Tunnel.

    They have strong provable links to the CIA and Russian Jewish Mafia as I personally know and have years of experience dealing with these people and I have written and published same in early and mid 2000's. They made me a target and along with Jeb Bush conspired to put me in prison and murder my family members for exposing their criminal acts and deeds, in "" and my former news stand publication "Emerald Coast Insider".

    As an investigative journalist I am constantly under attack from them. It is great value to read a factual article published which is accurate and not opinion based. I strongly support the author of the previous article and commend that person as worthy of public support in exposing the truth in the rush to criminalize and incarcerate Americans.
    John Burt Caylor

  • Reply to: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Hearts Ayn Rand   2 years 1 month ago

    I guess Paul Ryan didn't care Mz. Rand was an Athiest and antithema of his, so called, Christian Beliefs. But her philosophy permeates their platform, their lack of empathy for the working class, labeling them TAKERS and wanting a Welfare State. That only a few are destined to rule and the rest of us are not even worthy of love. Their plan now is not to change their philosophy, just how they veil it or just not address it. You will never change these true elitists or their entitlement, arrogant attitude.

  • Reply to: Fracking Industry Goes After Promised Land Film   2 years 1 month ago

    Particularly when said "things" concern potentially profitable ventures involving coal, oil, or natural gas.