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  • Reply to: Koch Carbon Kings a Driving Force Behind the U.N. Deadlock in Doha   1 year 4 months ago

    I second that. And then turn the attention of the FBI,IRS and CIA to investigating the Koch Brothers as the largest polluter in America.

  • Reply to: ALEC and Heartland Aim to Crush Renewable Energy Standards in the States   1 year 4 months ago

    Excellent retort, Lisa.

  • Reply to: The Devolution of American Media: In Madison Take-No-Prisoners Politics Gives Way to “Power Shopping”   1 year 4 months ago

    I agree with a previous comment that this has nothing to do with their
    earnings but that there is a political motivation behind it--possibly
    even ALEX (the Koch Brothers and their puppet Scott Walker and others of
    their ilk). They do not want the truth about anything getting out to We
    the People. They want us to be uninformed and uneducated so that we will
    be like sheep led to the slaughter. It's getting nasty out there--they
    are pulling out all the stops.

  • Reply to: After a Controversial Year, ALEC Convenes in Washington with Damage Control at Top of Agenda   1 year 4 months ago

    Someone with law experience needs to post a petition to make ALEC pay it's taxes back to 1971, as it is not a 'non-profit' and to discontinue to use of 501(c) as a legal charitable donation. Leaving room to sue them for misrepresenting themselves, like a wolf in lambskin.

    This will momentarily slow down the money that is being funneled around the system. True charities are suffering from lack of proper funding while this money is being donated to ALEC and other like businesses. We can find the legislators who pushed it through and examine the companies that benefit from it. Like, who is selling our government the fluoride that is poisoning our water purifications systems, on purpose?

  • Reply to: Bank of America Cuts Ties to ALEC   1 year 4 months ago

    Thank you, Anonymous. Yes, I do see that BofA's character has not changed, and I am aware that people are flocking to credit unions and local banks, which are being choked by the Corporate Banksters. And yes, I can also hear BofA still howling, as you say.
    I merely responded to the news that BofA withdrew from ALEC. That is one tiny step forward.
    I do believe there are other banks that we can create for the people, called public banks, like the Bank of North Dakota. I haven't seen anyone on this website discuss public banks as an alternative to the TBTF Banksters like BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, and of course Goldman Vampire Squid (and the rest).
    Maybe you are familiar with the work of Ellen Brown, or Dr. Michael Hudson, or Prof. Wm Black, who have written quite a bit about public banking? And BTW, public banks are NOT government banks or credit unions.
    IMO, as an alternative to the Corporate Banksters, Public Banks can radically change the way the financial system works in America. It would return control of the banks back to the people whom they are supposed to serve. This type of Banking has already been used in North Dakota successfully for almost a hundred years.

    There is a description of what public banks are at:

    Author and Attorney Ellen Brown writes extensively about public banks and other kinds of banks on the ‘Public Banking Institute Newsletter at:
    and her Web of Debt blog at:

    There is also great discussion of the history of banking in the video documentary “The Secret of Oz” (by Mr. Bill Still) which can be found at:

    I am convinced that public banking is ONE great way to solve the banking dysfunction problems we have. Regulations, the Robin Hood Tax, and a financial transaction tax would be great too. But the behemoth corporate banks are risking our money, creating great waste and abuse of hard-earned taxpayer money, and paying almost no interest. They are choking us.
    And yes, the banksters probably will not want people to know anything about banks like the Bank of North Dakota, but there is a growing grass-roots movement for public banks in quite a few states now. The more people learn about them, the more I believe, they will want to participate in them.


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