• Reply to: The NRA and Koch-Backed ALEC Have Fought Gun Buyback Programs Across Country   1 year 11 months ago

    Gun buy backs are a great way to get guns off the streets and these republicans, ALEC and the NRA always have their right wing evil all over everything that would make Americans safe.

  • Reply to: FreedomWorks Putting Its War Chest to Work for ALEC’s Anti-Union Agenda in the States   1 year 11 months ago

    It's not that perplexing that Freedomworks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of America's plutocracy, is going after unions. While business owners are free to form business associations where they can meet, concoct strategy and even set pricing strategies, apparently it is "just horrible" for workers to do essentially the same thing.

    Freedomworks should change its name to Slaveworks.

  • Reply to: That Bad Ceiling Feeling: Unlike the Fiscal Cliff the Debt Ceiling Is the Real Deal   1 year 11 months ago

    I believe the Wall Street Tax is a GREAT IDEA and should be passed into Law.
    The Electoral College was not meant to last forever. It served it's purpose for a Young Country. It serves no perpose now. There is in fighting and restructing of who and to set boundries. That should be enough of it. The Electoral College has OUTLIVED it's original purpose and needs to be ABOLISHED!!
    one more note, there are term limits for the President, why aren't there term limits on ALL Politicians. It just makes sense to me that if you limit one, you should limit them All. Why just single out one, that's called Predgist. Limit terms on Everyone.
    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. Deanna Bell

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    How do you want it to be? People who joined @10 think that regular Americans and subject matter experts – not government or the media -- are in the best position to solve problems. They want an easier way to participate, solve problems, and hold leaders accountable between elections. www.at10us.com

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    Long before "austerity" measures, OUR country and OUR government (not 'THE' government) needs to work on ways to be effective and useful, and to define what that means: Why do we HAVE government, What IS government, Why do we have civilization, what IS civilization, and what are the roles of establishing what and who we are as a nation/world. The rest is just logistics once you have a solid foundation of what needs to be done. The problem is that marketing types and opportunists love to stir up the bees nest so they can capture bees for themselves and let those that aren't captured freeze to death without a hive.