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  • Reply to: Rick Berman Attacks the Humane Society   3 years 5 months ago
    As Karen points out (see above) the HSUS do tremendous work shutting down puppy mills. They also work to crack down on dog fighting - rescuing thousands of dogs from both of these types of operations and pushing for stricter laws to bring an end to these forms of abuse. They provide spay-neuter clinics, which is perhaps one of the most puppy-friendly things to do, all the while leading dedicated campaigns for adoption through public service announcements and awareness campaigns that your small local shelter would never be able to afford. Their website and magazines are always providing information for dog owners on how to care for their pets and solve "problem behaviors" - one of the biggest reasons why pets get abandoned. This helps to stem the tide of dogs that end up in shelters, and create sociable and well-trained animals that can be more easily adopted should anything happen to their owners. Their Disaster Response teams provide assistance and medical care in times of emergency, and thanks to donors they have the necessary equipment to carry out their missions. Their trained rescuers have helped save thousands of pets in need. Finally, their Street Dog Welfare program works to help alleviate the suffering encountered by dogs in developing countries, where overpopulation is a problem. They seem like a pretty dog-gone dog friendly bunch to me! Just because the HSUS does not run any dog shelters per se does not mean that they don't help a LOT of dogs on a daily basis! When it comes to farm animals (the last on their list, actually) their main concern is bringing an end to factory farming - one cruel practice at a time. In fact, they encourage better husbandry practices (like cage-free farming) and bring much needed public support to farmers who are invested in the welfare of their animals. Finally, a lot of people working for HSUS do indeed seem to love animals enough to have personally sworn off from eating them, and are not ashamed to let their choices be known. At the same time, their website and most of their articles concerning diet ask people to simply *reduce* their meat and dairy consumption. I would hardly call promoting Meatless Mondays and a "flexitarian" approach to be a "PETA type agenda".
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    You say "it's not because I don't support public television as an Idea, but I don't support PBS's weak nature. BBC has many many great shows..." I assume you support funding PBS the way BBC is funded, by direct tax on TV sets, whether you watch or not. I prefer funding by the users to a tax on everyone. Seems more "grown up" to me.
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    Amazingly poignant
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    That the Kochtopus spends money on private thugs to keep away people they don't want hassling them is somewhat bizarre, it is as least somewhat understandable. What I find truly outrageous is that the police state and the surveillance state, under watch of the "progressive" Obama Regime, is spending billions of the taxpayers' dollars to monitor and oppress people and some people seem more upset about what private oligarchs are doing. Guess what people, you can boycott the Koch boys and others like them. Nobody forces you to give them your money. You can choose not to buy their crap. With the surveillance/police state, you have no choice. Are we to pretend that Team Obama is oblivious to what is going on?
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    First of all, ITVS is NOT an arm of PBS; while it contributes films to PBS, it is completely independent of the network. Second, the dispute about Park Avenue, which was part of the PBS national schedule, was between the New York affiliate WNET and had nothing to do with PBS the network which fed the damn film! This difference of opinion about Citizen Koch is between ITVS, an aggregator of independent films and a producer; guess what, this happens all the time...let me repeat, all the the TV business. I find it fascinating that ITVS, which has been a champion of independent filmmakers for years, has been completely ignored and disrespected by a handful of "news" outlets that can't get the simplest facts straight; and if you're going to trash PBS, shouldn't there at least be a quote from someone at PBS? Every one of these articles just parrot the same BS...I guess conspiracy theories aren't just the purview of the far right.