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  • Reply to: PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary "Citizen Koch" To Appease Koch Brothers   3 years 3 months ago
    We need more Koch brothers? What do we need them for? If all the capitalists like the Koch brothers disappeared, workers would still be able to create wealth- mining, building, harvesting, sewing, etc. If there were no workers, what would the Koch brothers have? No coal, no food, no shelter, nada. They don't create anything; they just own stuff.
  • Reply to: Frontline Gets Its Man: Lanny Breuer Leaves DOJ After Exposé   3 years 3 months ago
    How DO men (these weasels don't deserve to be called men) like BREUER and HOLDER sleep at night? Probably very well indeed! As PBS FRONTLINE showed, people like BREUER have become UNTOUCHABLE. Just like the Royalty of past ages was untouchable and could get away with anything. These lying cowards are corrupt to their very marrow and will NOT prosecute those who caused the financial meltdown even though they know each and everyone one of these criminals by name. The problem is that BREUR and HOLDER used to work with a lot of these criminals BEFORE they went to work at the DOJ. Now BREUER has gone back to work with his criminal friends THE DAY AFTER PBS' FRONTLINE REVEALED HIS HYPOCRISY TO THE WORLD but not before chastising PBS and FRONTLINE for having had the gall to EXPOSE HIS HYPOCRISY, INAPTITUDE, AND OUTRIGHT lies on national TV. Why else would BREUER leave the DOJ if what PBS's FRONTLINE reported was NOT true. These high rolling lawyers, their Bank CEO buddies, and many members of the US government ARE THE NEW ROYALS! The Brits are still romantically holding on to their royals while the French got it right and got rid of theirs. Isn't it time that Americans EXPOSE and JAIL these new royals who have brought the country down to its knees? PBS and FRONTLINE had the balls and the guts to go after these manipulating morons. Now it's our turn--the people's turn--to DEMAND THE WHOLE TRUTH and to DEMAND JUSTICE. Let's stop this BS of allowing banks and corporations to send their people to serve in government departments so that that they can then protect and insulate those very banks and corporations from JUSTICE! WTF is going on in this country? DOES ANYONE EVEN CARE? Why did BREUER NOT indite or arrest or prosecute even 1 Wall Street Banker responsible for the meltdown? Why did no one fire BREUER's ass or indite and prosecute HIM for NOT having done his job and put some of his old friends in jail?! If Americans do NOT wake up to this BS that is parading as legit government business on a daily basis, the USA will self destruct from within. We used to be afraid of a NAZI and COMMUNIST takeover; now our worst enemy are our own US lawyers, US corporations, and many members of the US government itself. When will the American people WAKE UP and do something about this intolerable BS!
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    Thank you for the link to this petition. One can hope the bill of rights still matter... That money doesn't trump those rights. The fight continues for fairness and equality!
  • Reply to: Wisconsin Bill Would Treat Organic Milk, Sharp Cheddar, Brown Eggs as "Junk Food"   3 years 3 months ago
    Anonymous, The first thing to point out is the writer of this article has a clearly obvious agenda: they don't like the idea of requiring food stamp users to make healthy choices. That being said, I think we are discussing three issues: personal freedom in the context of being dependent on the state, and cost. First, cost: I'm sure the options listed... free range, organic, etc. are limited are because they are much more expensive. I wonder if the average American has the resources to get the higher-end foods listed there...I clearly don't. I would love to buy organic free-range type food, but I buy white eggs and standard milk simply because I have finite resources. Which brings me to the second point, personal freedom in the context of being dependent on the state: If the average citizen cannot afford these products, why should those on food stamps use funds forcefully taken from the average citizen to purchase them? Obviously, this is inherently unfair, unethical, and must be avoided at all costs. The cost/benefit to purchasing these options is also highly uncertain. How much healthier will I be buying brown eggs vs white eggs? If that's really a concern for people, they should SUPPORT a bill which doesn't let people purchase junk food. Junk is far worse for people than the questionable benefits (especially considering the cost) for organic/free range/non-GMO. SC
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    You don't know much about this guy or his evil brother. They own the Libertarians, Reason Foundation, Cato, Heritage, Americans for Prosperity, ALEC and half a dozen other far right groups. He gets singled out because his groups have done so damn much damage. Every one of the groups that he supports pushes an extreme right wing agenda based on AYN RAND's crackpot ideas. Their policies have caused the resegregation of a school in NC., horrible poverty in half a dozen states...the pipeline debacle and more.