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    Yes, much better to use commercial fertilizers manufactured from what? Oh, that's right, they fall out of the sky, prepackaged. So much cleaner and more environmental. No point in actually returning to the soil the things we took out of it. And then let's all ignore the actual "treatment" that goes on in a wastewater treatment plant, and in the soil. And let's all assume that plants have the same physiology as people, so if there is a pharmaceutical residue the plant will just suck it up. And then let's ignore volumes of research to the contrary. No point at all in actually thinking.

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    This article makes two fatally flawed errors.
    1) It assumes that piecemeal, incrmental reforms are worth pursuing. In fact, in a systematically corrupt system like the US, they more often than not do more harm than good.
    For example a) the DISCLOSE just makes it easier to coordinate "indpendent" expenditures with campaigns, though it does serve the interests of some NGO's who distribute information about candidate and policy funding that reach very few voters due to the control of the mass media by the same moneyed interests that control government
    b) Public funding of elections simply constitutes a susbsidy to the media industry that supports the Democratic Party. There should be no public funding until the broadcast spectrum that Clinton gave away is returned to the People for use in electioneering.

    2) It assumes that a Constitutional Amendment is a useful or even possible means to overturn Citizens United. It is not. This a trope of professional activists for raising funds, and in neither needed nor possible and indeed would almost certainly be counterproductive, if adopted.

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    The poor can't afford the implementation of austerity measures. We don't have anything as it is. There is this huge wealth concentration at the top of the economic caste.

    The poor in the United States are left to scrimp and scrape the bottom of the barrel; scrounging for jobs, food, housing, transportation, education,and health care. We are not the beneficiaries of tax breaks, tax abatements, and tax increment financing. We have been left behind and now we are informed that our unions are being disintegrated, public housing and social services wiped out, public health clinics and legal aid services obliterated and pension and social security being eyeballed for privatization?

    We are witnessing the exponential expansion of the privatized prison industrial complex, an unprecedented gentrification initiative facilitated through by the foreclosure-bankruptcy crisis, globalization carrying american jobs overseas and evisceration of unemployment benefits.

    None dare call it chattel slavery and indentured servitude.

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    Yep, we should all just shut up about it until we actually amend the constitution. No point in the media doing their job and educating people about the problem. Oh yeah, and it isn't really a "problem" at all because it's legal, right? And perfectly fair game to boot because even if the approach defies the very essense of democracy and the even more (the most) fundamental aspects of the constitution, all that matters is your own party gets elected, right?


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