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  • Reply to: WI Senate Passes Mining Bill, Opposition to Continue   2 years 2 months ago

    The indian tribes are hypocrites, they are polluting the river worse than the mine ever will!!

  • Reply to: New Study by National Employment Law Project Documents ALEC’s Attack on Wages   2 years 2 months ago

    ALEC and the Republicans/TeaBaggers have been very successful at demonizing unions and over the past few years, thus paving the way to wage suppression and reducing earned benefits.

  • Reply to: Conversation with "Fix the Debt," Help Count the Pinocchios   2 years 2 months ago

    You are so right! What can we do to stop it? No one (Obama, Supreme Court, Senate, Congress...) seems to care. They seem to ALL be corrupt, heartless, and incapable of telling the truth.

  • Reply to: Blue Cross, Blue Shield Getting Richer, Like Corporate Insurers   2 years 2 months ago

    First of all all the major medical insurance plans out there will soon be unaffortable, some already are. Aetnas CEO has already stated that there rates will increase in 2014 by 100%. You cant afford to pay the premiums. Even if you can the amount you will pay over the years is not worth it.There is a solution to all of this. Take a look at a company called Philadelphia Life Insurance. They have a health insurance plan that wil give you more coverage with less cost. They also tie there rate increases to Medicare and they have not had an increase in two years. Take a look at the amount of complaints that Blue Cross Blue Shield and all the rest of the big boys have against them. Its unbelievable. You wont find any complaints on Philadelphia Life.Its time to forget about these big boy ripoffs and get a plan that will work for you.

  • Reply to: "Toning Shoes" or Phony Shoes?   2 years 2 months ago

    i had a broken leg in 2009 . nothing gave me relief and my calf where the muscle was ripped was in terrible shape. wore the rocker shoes for about 1 year and the calf was strengthened and fells and looks a lot 4 years later i am still wearing these rocker shoes, albeit a lower version and they really do keep my calves toned. it is hard to find them now and when i do they are on clearance for $20