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  • Reply to: Sarah Palin: The Koch Brother’s Union Maid   3 years 10 months ago
    If our leaders demanded this publically they would all be assassinated by the United Nations they are all playing a dangerous game; just vote and support your leaders, in your heart you know who they are. They simply represent a lot of people. All the leaders are secretly friends they are just separating the mice from the men. It's all how America identifies itself and the left the democrats are cold blooded killers and are complimentary to the UN's agendas. The leaders have to feel out what move to make next in regards to our enemies. The right consistantly supports life. The malevolent "foreign" bodies amoung us support depopulation so on. The people have to be ready to fight as one against a real enemy.
  • Reply to: Blockbuster Reports Reveal Widespread Surveillance of Phone and Internet Records by Obama Administration   3 years 10 months ago
    The NSA can spy and intimidate all they want they need to use the phones and internet which is already controlled by the people that payed to make it all possible in the first place. So these NSA workers are going to get pegged by more powerful people. As for the Media someone has to begin to take control of it for it is completely out of control and corrupt. The whistleblowers will be shielded as well as the Newspeople.
  • Reply to: PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary "Citizen Koch" To Appease Koch Brothers   3 years 10 months ago
    Polio has already been dealt with. Bill Gates is trying to vaccinate people. From experience we know these vaccines are easily manipulated. If Koch is giving money to PBS that is simply a good investment. Gates believes in the United Nations depopulation agenda. Now Gandhi is great but did Hitler really start out trying to unite Europe or take it over. To defeat the Corporations which have no conscious you have to do it from within. I'ts simply a right wing Conspiracy and it's righty tighty leftly loosey. This is a highly educated lot commenting on this site and most colleges are supported and funded by the left liberals. And the top 1% are not the bad guys it's more like the 15% just under the top 1% that is delusional and being deluded in your mind leaves you open to well alien influences. We have to separate the mice from the men. Hitler was framed at the end by the satanists same as I believe this Koch man. One has to use discernment. What is obvious is not always what is real. Truth is hidden because it is so valuable like a treasure buried.
  • Reply to: CMD Files Open Records Suit Against ALEC Board Member Sen. Leah Vukmir   3 years 10 months ago
    Brian, you are full of crap. She is a very dedicated NP and she cares about the people of WI. I have met her and she is not at all as you describe her. Boo hoo you can't have marijuana, get over it. There are other things for cancer pain. I know this for a fact. You PRAY That she gets cancer everyday? Do you really think that God listens to sick prayers like that? What kind of evil person are YOU? You sound like a self absorbed, whiny and bitter 5 year old. Grow up.
  • Reply to: Blockbuster Reports Reveal Widespread Surveillance of Phone and Internet Records by Obama Administration   3 years 10 months ago
    This a convergence of the the desire of th KOCH Brothers to have total control of Media and the monitoring of ordinary American citizens' e-mails, chats, and phone conversations by corporate lobbyists who are controlling the elected officials in USA Congress.