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  • Reply to: CMD Files Open Records Suit Against ALEC Board Member Sen. Leah Vukmir   4 years 1 week ago
    You are right on. Thank You
  • Reply to: Blockbuster Reports Reveal Widespread Surveillance of Phone and Internet Records by Obama Administration   4 years 1 week ago
    Doesn't seem as much a problem as made out... IF: Surveillance is limited to contact information and not actual conversations/text and IF: Surveillance is limited to contact information directly connected to terrorist personnel or organizations. This is what was stated. My opinion may/will change with new information. At this point, I support the plea from communications companies to allow them to verify what information they're giving up under FISA orders. BTW, I think that, if you listen to "the cops" (by whatever title) more invasive actions are always necessary - and that's because their task is to protect, and the only way to do that completely is to control everything. So judicial involvement is essential. That said, if only one side is represented, as it is now, it becomes similar to a Grand Jury event rather than a hearing and liberty suffers.
  • Reply to: ALEC Assembles "Most Wanted" List, and Oklahomans Say "ALEC Is Not OK"   4 years 1 week ago
    Thank you for your legal challenge to Leah Vukmir and ALEC. Model bills that become Wisconsin laws are certainly the business of the people of Wisconsin. Leah Vukmir is supposed to be an elected representative of her district of Wisconsin--not the corporate partners of ALEC. As such, every ALEC record should be subject to as much sunshine as possible.
  • Reply to: Wisconsin GOP Sneaks ALEC-Supported For-Profit Bail Bonding Into Budget Bill   4 years 1 week ago
    This one of the most erroneous articles I've ever read. My wife and kids would be disheartened to hear that their husband and father is a loan shark and that he is involved in a corrupt business such as bail bonds. As a bail agent in Colorado for the last 35 years I've come to know quite a few bail agents and most are Christians with families. They contribute to their communities just like a postal worker or a secretary or whatever. On the other hand I often hear on the news about a peace officer being in trouble for sexual assault, domestic violence or some other crime but we don't hold that against the other good peace officers. Colorado courts and Pretrial Services accuse bail agents of every evil thing they can think of for one reason. They want to take over bail so they can get the money to run their ever growing tax sucking system.
  • Reply to: Federal Court Criticizes Wisconsin Republicans for "Peculiarly Furtive" Redistricting, Closes Case   4 years 1 week ago
    When you can no longer disguise your contempt for the common citizen and democratic government - all that's left is the mode you choose for their destruction. Secrecy - obstruction - propaganda and paranoia are the germs employed by the cowardly servile of corporations to deny a citizen his rights. The GOP relishes the day when the 'constitution' is reduced to ashes and they scatter it to the winds. Satan has higher character than the Republican Party.