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    You're right. The NRA is drawing fire while the gun makers are avoiding the headlines, although we have written about them too but not as much.

    Thank you for the constructive criticism!


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    I agree,
    Trafficking women and children to prison with long term sentences and consecutive sentences, what is this - a time sharing plan among a few selected investment companys. Oh by the way, people in my state are fully aware of investments, trafficking people to prison, and it never donned on me no wonder I can't get representation for my son. Are these attorneys involved with getting a piece of the gov't contract money for willfully, intentionally dening a person his/her rights or are they in fear of themselves and their families lives as I am, if I open my mouth and say this is wrong. To run families further into poverty by taking their states money to incarcerate their families(aunties, uncles, cousins, second cousins etc.)--- well -- I can't wait to see the glory in all of this and see ours exchanging places with the very ones that invested the souls in the prison industry. Yes we need to wake up and stand up and open our mouths.

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    ...for some time now, on just how very well the NRA has fulfilled its function as a PR front and lightning rod for the gun manufacturers.

    Almost all of the discourse about gun violence has centered on NRA and not on the manufacturers, who after all are the ones shoving these guns down everyone's throats. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems to me to include PR Watch.

    But that may be changing:

    (With apologies for the opening commercial and Rachel's meandering intro.)

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    The original commenter is trafficking in deception, otherwise known as lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    The FBI does not publish crime data by model of rifle, and so Mr. or Ms. NRA Spin is probably just parroting what someone else said and never looked it up.

    The FBI's Uniform Crime Report does track homicides by weapon, and that data conclusively demonstrates that an American is more likely to be murdered with a gun than with any other weapon, including fists.

    I've uploaded a PDF of that table from the UCR as an attachment to this article, so you can see the numbers yourself.

    What the 2011 report (the most recent year with complete data) shows is that 8,583 people in the U.S. were murdered with a firearm, out of the 12,664 homicides that year, which is fully 2/3 (and precisely 67.77%) of all homicides.

    What the deceiving commenter references without bothering to give you the benefit of the full data on (which is actually quite brief, literally a few lines on a single page) is that of those 8,583 homicides by gun, 323 were from rifles, and he or she selectively omits that 6,220 were from handguns and the remainder were from other types of guns, like shotguns. Assault-style weapons can be both long guns and hand guns and models of both types can be used with different quantities of ammunition clips.

    It is the case that 728 people were murdered in 2011 by bare hands including pushing people, but that's a far cry from the 8,583 from guns. Selectively comparing rifles to fists without revealing total homicides by guns is deceptive stuff.

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    I admit I have a very cynical but also practical attitude towards job creators. Over the years I have had to cobble together disparate jobs that may or may not fit with my skills. I have become a scrapper, a jack of many low skill trades. I have out of necessity adopted a motto: you have to be your own union. You have to smile and pretend you are grateful for their meager wage and eternal lack of incentives or raises. You have to conduct your own work slowdown in the face of ridiculous demands on your time and your dignity. You have to take your life back in whatever small ways you can. The ultimate act of defiance to which I may well have to resort, is to incorporate myself, in order to enjoy the same privileges that corporations enjoy: tax deductions for maintenance of machinery (my body), for food, water, and storage, and for any other expense related to keeping myself alive and going to work every day. Some of us are just not quick enough to re-tool in the dizzying speed of this global economy, and so we have become beasts of burden, expendable, and more of a burden ourselves than an asset. Pre-war Germany saw riots in the streets over the hearts and minds of workers. Today in the U.S., unskilled labor is over abundant, expendable, and unworthy of a living wage. Soon, though, the heads of conglomerates will find their servants have become their masters, as money will begin to lose its meaning.