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  • Reply to: The Homeland Security Apparatus: Fusion Centers, Data Mining and Private Sector Partners   3 years 8 months ago
    Wow: Drones = terror from the sky (directed by joysticks in Arizona) = inflicting terror to suppress terroism! And all along I thought "counterterrorism" is just a mistaken construction really meaning "antiterrorism." Indeed, the US is countering. It's not a war AGAINST terrorism, but a war OF terrorism.
  • Reply to: Environmental Groups Split on Illinois Fracking Bill   3 years 8 months ago
    If the Sierra Club, NRDC, Faith in Place, Illinois Environmental Council etc. hadn't siphoned away all their energy to cozy up to industry and politicians to work on that weak, non-protective regulatory bill, and we had all worked together, Illinois would have the moratorium we deserve and desperately need. Thanks for nothing, Big Green.
  • Reply to: War on Democracy in Wisconsin: Bill Would Enact Voter ID, End Disclosure, Limit Early Voting, Expand Lobbyist Influence   3 years 8 months ago
    How many times must it be repeated to you absurdly addled, memory challenged Republicans? "There is NO illegal voter problem". You conveniently forget the Bush administration spent over a hundred million dollars in using dozens of federal attorneys looking for evidence of election voter fraud throughout several parts of the country! Republican leaning attorneys with unlimited resources found NOTHING. It is a statistically insignificant issue. Another GOP ruse - there is not a damn thing "common sensical" about forcing voter ID when it's only a made up issue - completely designed to help the fully corrupt GOP. On the other hand you can find several statements from Republican state legislators speaking candidly on how passage of these 'voter suppression laws' will allow them to "win elections"! Including Republican Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin. If your definition of denying a citizen (which is precisely the intent of these voter ID laws)his right to vote, is in your opinion "common sense",I question your ability to truly grasp the consequences of such devilish - unpatriotic manipulation to our democratic system.
  • Reply to: War on Democracy in Wisconsin: Bill Would Enact Voter ID, End Disclosure, Limit Early Voting, Expand Lobbyist Influence   3 years 8 months ago
    Well if you've solved 'your problem', bully for you. But the rest of us still believe representative government is worth fighting for. In truth, you have only given strength to the corrupt within our society by taking the coward's way out...quitting is exactly what they want from us. You may be within your rights to opt out of what is really 'your solemn duty to vote'. But you've only become a sell out. Your fellow countrymen have paid the supreme price for guaranteeing your right to vote, I strongly suggest you re-evaluate your position, dust yourself off and make sure you take your place in line to cast your vote as long as it takes to get the vermin removed from our midst. Shame on you for abdicating your responsibility as a citizen.
  • Reply to: How the Government Targeted Occupy   3 years 8 months ago
    The IRS targets an anti-tax movement? The nerve of them!