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    How does the argument fail? If she had had a gun with her no matter where she and the students were, she could have shot the guy. pure and simple.

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    I am really fed up with the emphasis being placed on guns rather than mental health or the benefits of banning violence in movies, on TV and in video games. It is totally and utterly hypocritical to speak of "gun control" without addressing the causes of gun viokence. Psychologists have known for many decades that the depiction of violence predisposes people, even normal college students, to violence. What do you think happens when unstable persons are filled with the kinds of things depicted in our media? Criminals will always gain access to guns, and so will the mentally ill if they are sufficiently determined. Why don't you talk about removing violence from the media? Free speech, as protected in the constitution, was never meant to protect the filth and insanity that pours daily from the media in the U.S. I consider myself a liberal, but I am thoroughly disgusted by the refusal of other supposed liberals to deal with the real causes.

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    How do you want it to be? People who joined @10 think that regular Americans and subject matter experts – not government or the media -- are in the best position to solve problems. They want an easier way to participate, solve problems, and hold leaders accountable between elections.

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    Dear Bruce:
    Thank you for your kind note!! I would love to come back to Delaware to speak and meet with other concerned citizens. Please send along your email to

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    When I go about without an arm, I am not disarmed. To be disarmed I must consciously go about without an arm, and I never think of that at all: I do think about going out without the right glasses because sometimes I do that. I am perfectly free to be inclined and determined to commit crimes, or to say, "Hi, Bob, how's it going."

    It must be sad to have to forego foreign travel since everywhere outside the US, almost without exception, there are very strict gun ownership, or gun-carry laws. When Americans are present, to be polite, people in foreign countries do try to seem fearful about being shot, but they're not really good at it because they watch too many bad movies. Does feeling no risk of getting shot in a foreign country take any pleasure out of travel? Low crawling about cobble-stone streets could wear out the elbows of your shirt. Dodging in and out of hedges looking fearful and violent could be taken for mime practice, or off-date Easter Egg hunting.

    When I was in the military, I got to carry a 'rifle.' One never says 'gun.' If you do say the bad-word some sergeant will tell you, "Soldier, here is my rifle, and here is my gun (pointing to his privates), this is for shooting, that one's for fun." After packing an M-14 rifle about all day, carrying an arm lost some of its fascination. Carrying, or bearing arms is no problem for me; I'm just against putting bullets in them and shooting them. There may be less risk of private arms falling into the wrong hands if personal arms were bonded to the owner with Super-glue, or some surgical intervention. If you're wondering why I'm talking like this, the answer is I've tried using calm, sensible arguments, and it's been so disappointing, I've decided to just talk to myself. With a little practice it's possible to break the habit of killing, or being killed. It's slightly harder than learning to not fall upstairs, but you get the same achievement badge.


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