Group Run by Trump’s “Judge Whisperer” Leonard Leo Provides More Than a Third of RAGA’s Revenue So Far in 2021

The Republican Attorneys General Association reported $6.7 million in revenue in the first half of 2021, according to a mid-year IRS filing examined by the Center for Media and Democracy, $2.5 million of which came from came from a dark money group run by Trump's go-to man for packing the federal courts with right-wing judges.

New Report: The Big Oil and ALEC Ploy for Getting Unions to Help Chill Climate Protests

The Center for Media and Democracy released a new report today, "Using Unions to Carry Big Oil's Water," detailing how the fossil fuel industry and the American Legislative Exchange Council cynically use unions to win Democratic support for legislation that criminalizes and chills environmental protests under the guise of "worker safety."


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