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"The House is on Fire," Climate Strikes Come to America March 15

Record-breaking heat last summer, inspired-15-year-old Greta Thunberg to pack a water bottle, a book, and a snack and take a stand outside the Swedish parliament with a handmade sign "School Strike for Climate." By January 2019, school strikes were spreading across Europe and some 70,000 teens hit the streets to demand action in Brussels, where the EU Parliament meets.

Time for a Clean Sweep at the Capitol

When I arrived in Madison in the early 1990s from the mean streets of Philadelphia, I thought Wisconsin's commitment to clean and open government was quaint, charming -- at times a little irritating. Badger Rules, the state ethics code, meant that legislative staffers like myself couldn't even take a cup of coffee from a lobbyist, and I remember one lowly public official was nabbed for using a state phone for a few private calls.


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