Indonesia's Years of Lobbying Furiously

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, has had a complicated relationship with the U.S., especially during the Indonesian military's occupation of neighboring East Timor. After 9/11, however, the U.S. has increasingly dismissed human rights concerns to provide Indonesia with military aid.


New Participatory Project: Covering the 2008 Congressional Elections (U.S.)

Update: It's early, but the campaigns for the primaries of the 2008 congressional elections are starting to heat up, especially on the Democratic side, with everyone from Dennis Kucinich to Albert Wynn to


One Sham Nuclear Review Replaces Another

In a signal that the departure of Tony Blair as British Prime Minister won't result in any major policy shifts, Prime Minister-elect Gordon Brown has supported the construction of up to eight new nuclear power stations.


New Participatory Project: Tracking the Most Influential Corporate Lobbyists

Examining and exposing the activities of lobbyists and their firms is an important aspect of the Center for Media and Democracy's work. Now you can help, via our online collaborative encyclopedia, SourceWatch!



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