Climate Change

U.S. Front Groups Take a European Vacation

Britain's Independent reports on a "detailed and disturbing strategy document" authored by a U.S.-based Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) official that seeks "to destroy Europe's support for the Kyoto treaty on climate change." CEI's Chris Horner, also a senior figure in the "


Like-Minded Groups Across a Rising Pond

"For decades, corporations have known that, if they lobby for their own interests, public opinion won't take them seriously," begins the Independent's article on the "most influential" third party groups that have aligned with businesses to oppose action on climate change.


Bush vs. the Laureates

"For nearly four years, and with rising intensity, scientists in and out of government have criticized the Bush administration, saying it has selected or suppressed research findings to suit preset policies, skewed advisory panels or ignored unwelcome advice, and quashed discussion within federal research agencies," reports Andrew Revkin. The clash has been especially intense and prolonged regarding the issue of global warming, where "scientists say that objective and relevant information is ignored or distorted in service of pre-established policy goals.


Auto Industry Front Group Opposes California Clean Air Proposal

"A public relations firm with ties to the automobile industry has launched ads suggesting that a proposed California rule to cut carbon dioxide exhaust could cause more people to die in traffic accidents," the Los Angeles Times reports.


The Carbon PR Cycle

"Organized by the World Bank, the International Emissions Trading Association and Koelnmesse (Cologne Trade Fair), Carbon Expo was supposed to be 'the Coming of Age of the Global Carbon Market,'" reports Chris Lang. At a journalists' workshop, World Bank Communications Advisor Sergio Jellinek said the Bank wanted to help journalists "in terms of getting the story right. You set the tone of the debate.


Anti-Warming Lobbying Heats Up

In Alaska, Mayor Edith Vorderstrasse told federal officials, "Our weather pattern is really different. It's not consistent like it used to be." The General Accounting Office found that 184 of 213 Native Alaskan villages face flooding and erosion problems, in what may be the first major sign of U.S. climate change. In London, the British government is hosting a week-long visit by U.S.


Exxon's Secret Sponsorship of Climate Skeptics

Despite the best PR efforts of industry, global warming is a growing concern to an increasing number of people in the world. That's because corporate propaganda addresses only the perception of climate change, distorting science and corrupting regulatory processes, and not the reality. The new website explores the links between Exxonmobil, think tanks, corporate friendly scientists, and government officials.


Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Me?

Professor Sir David King, the British government's chief scientist, warned that Antarctica could become the world's only habitable place by the year 2100. King said that the last time atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were as high as they are now was 60 million years ago, during a period of rapid global warming, when "no ice was left on Earth.



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