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BP's Adman Got Suckered by His Own Scripts

BP is the most successful oil company at greenwashing its own image. Unfortunately for BP, the recent news about its massive oil leak in Alaska and the shutting down of its corrosive pipelines have revealed the truth -- it really is all about oil profits. In the New York Times , a BP adman admits that even he was suckered.


Viral Video Questioning Global Warming Linked to DCI

From the videoThe video "Al Gore's Penguin Army," which belittles the threat of global warming (suggesting viewers "stop exhaling") and makes fun of the former vice-president, has a "home-made,


Achenbach's Back

Every once in awhile Joel Achenbach's name crosses my viewfinder. We were both undergraduates at the same time at Princeton, although our paths never really crossed socially. The first time he really caught my attention, actually, was a few years after we graduated, when the Princeton Alumni Weekly reprinted a hilarious column he wrote for the Miami Herald, satirizing the way television dumbs people down.

Spinning Nukes

Hill & Knowlton (H&K) has won a $8 million account with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to promote "broad policymaker and decision-maker support for nuclear energy broadly and specifically for the Yucca Mountain project." (Yucca Mountain in Nevada has been designated by the U.S.



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