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PR vs. PR on Climate Change

James Hoggan, a long time Canadian PR pro, represents a slew of big corporations and trade associations. But Hoggan is also the chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, a leading environmental organization, and he has been using his DeSmogBlog to heap shame and ridicule upon his colleagues in the PR business over the issue of global climate change.


Al Gore, Corporate Greenwasher?

Is Al Gore aiding and abetting the world's largest greenwashers? The New York Times reports that "The brightest lights in the advertising business are gathering in Cannes, France, this week for an annual celebration. ... Mr. Gore is being accorded rock star status at the festival. ... The embrace of Mr. Gore shows how 'green' advertising has galvanized the marketing community.


Young, Reliable "Activists" Outed as Corporate Spooks

The Happy Valley Coalition protests Solid (Squalid) EnergyA private investigation company, Thompson & Clark Investigations, employed agents to infiltrate environmental, peace and animal rights groups in New Zealand, investigative journalist Nicky Hager has revealed.


One Sham Nuclear Review Replaces Another

In a signal that the departure of Tony Blair as British Prime Minister won't result in any major policy shifts, Prime Minister-elect Gordon Brown has supported the construction of up to eight new nuclear power stations.


Deleting (or Defeating?) Climate Change Language

Arctic FoxU.S. representatives "are trying to soften the message" of a climate change declaration to be issued at the June summit of the Group of Eight (G-8) industrial countries. G-8 draft documents obtained by the Washington Post show that the U.S.


Herr Stauber In Der Spiegel

John Stauber on State Street in 2004CMD Founder and Executive Director John Stauber has been in Germany, Austria and Belgium for the past two weeks speaking in major cities and discussing the publication of "Toxic Sludge Is Good For You" in German. On May 16 Vienna's daily paper Der Standard ran an interview with Herr Stauber that can be read in German by searching his name on their website. He was previously interviewed by Nils Klawitter for the German magazine Der Spiegel, and a translated portion of the interview is below. (Thanks to Orange-Press, publishers of the German edition of Toxic Sludge Is Good for You, for the translation.) If you would like to read the German interview in its entirety, please go to:,1518,481658,00.html

Nuclear Industry Pins Hopes on Subsidies

Around the world there are consultants, PR advisers and industry associations hyping nuclear power as a "solution" to global warming. However, they rarely mention the hidden costs. In a recent briefing for Wall Street analysts, the major U.S.



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