Bush Administration Protects Chemical Industy

"Last year the Bush Administration encouraged American chemical companies to lobby against European efforts to strengthen the regulation of thousands of chemicals contained in household, industrial and personal products," writes. "When the chemical industry was slow to respond, Administration officials took it upon themselves to launch 'an unusually aggressive campaign' to pressure the European Union into watering down its comprehensive reform efforts. Documents uncovered by the Environmental Health Fund, using the Freedom of Information Act, showed the U.S.


Drug Researcher Continues To Challenge Industry Claims

A Canadian professor of pediatrics and medicine vows to continue speaking out on the risk of a drug used to treat thalassemia, a hereditary blood disorder. Dr. Nancy Olivieri lost her attempt to get her research on the harmful side effects of deferiprone looked at by the committee for proprietary and medicinal products (CPMP) that regulates drugs in Europe. "This ruling guarantees that only a drug company attempting to sell a drug will control the content of the scientific data submitted or not submitted to the European CPMP," she said.


Auto Industry Front Group Gets New Head

"Barry McCahill, a longtime transportation PR and public affairs exec, has taken over as president of the Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America, a lobbying group which claims to represent the 24 million SUV owners in the U.S.," O'Dwyer's PR Daily Reports.


Bush Sweet On Sugar

The World Health Oragnization's leading scientists are accusing the Bush administration of putting the sugar industry's interests ahead of the global fight against obesity. The Observer reports, "Professor Kaare Norum, leader of the World Health Organisation's fight to prevent millions developing diet-related diseases, has sparked an international war of words with a highly critical letter to US Health Secretary Tommy Thompson. In it he tells of his grave concern over American opposition to the WHO's blueprint to combat obesity.


It's Official: Big Business is Pro-Bush

Ken Mehlman, former Bush political advisor and current Bush-Cheney campaign chair, is working "to boost the political impact of business" in 2004, according to The Hill. Among these efforts is the formation of an "association CEOs for Bush" group. "The campaign finance laws require the group to maintain at least a semblance of nonpartisan independence, but there is no question that it favors Bush's re-election," reports Alexander Bolton.


Another Award for Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly, who famously falsely claimed to be the winner of two Peabody Awards, has finally won something for real -- top spot on's list of "the 20 most annoying conservatives of 2003." According to Pandagon webmasters Ezra Klein and Jesse Taylor, O'Reilly "had a hard time getting on this list.


Shh...Offshoring In Process

"US corporations are picking up the pace in shifting well-paid technology jobs to India, China and other low-cost centres, but they are keeping quiet for fear of a backlash," reports David Zielenziger. "Morgan Stanley estimates the number of US jobs outsourced to India will double to about 150,000 in the next three years.


Torie's Latest Gig: PR and Lobbying for Comcast

"Comcast Corporation, the largest cable TV company in the U.S., announced that Victoria (Torie) Clarke will join the company as Senior Advisor for Communications and Government Affairs. She served most recently as Assistant Secretary
of Defense for Public Affairs. Clarke previously served as Press Secretary
for former President Bush's 1992 re-election campaign, as a close advisor to



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