No Go for NGOs

The American Enterprise Institute has launched a new web site,, as part of its campaign against nongovernmental organizations, which it says "are unregulated, spared any requirement to account for expenditures, to disclose activities or sources of funding or even to declare their officers." Rather ironic isn't it, that a these sorts of complaints would come from a libertarian think tank that is itself a nongovernmental organization and that does not publicly disclose its own i


Verizon & IDI 'Rent' Gray Panthers to Attack WorldCom

"What seemed to be a groundswell of protest materialized last week when WorldCom Inc. lawyers arrived at federal court for a hearing on whether the company's agreement to pay a $500 million fine was sufficient punishment for its mammoth fraud. ... Outside the courthouse, a small group of demonstrators rallied" including the Gray Panthers. "The outpouring, though, was hardly spontaneous. Several of the opponents, including protest organizers and petitioners, had ties to Issue Dynamics Inc.


Email Spoofing to Attack Activists

"Arab-American activist Nawar Shora checked his e-mail one day and found scores of angry messages asking why he hated Americans and Jews," writes Anick Jesdanun. "The messages were responding to e-mails marked as coming from him. Only one big problem: he never sent the hate mail." Shora was the victim of a new form of harassment in which fake e-mail is sent using real addresses. "The tactic, known as e-mail spoofing, requires little technical know-how and no illegal computer break-ins.


NYC Peace Activists Risk Arrest Protesting Media Bias

"Hundreds of chanting demonstrators lined
Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on Thursday, and dozens lay down
in the street in a 'die-in' to protest the war. ... Anti-war groups also called for other civil disobedience in
the city to protest media and corporate 'profiteering from
the war.' ... Some protest signs were directed at the media. One
protester held a sign showing a picture of parrots and the


A Call For Independent Community Media

"The new US war on Iraq has begun: arguably the greatest moral tragedy of a generation, an unprecedented failure of diplomacy and international order, and a profound crime against the principles of democracy," the Independent Media Center wrote in a statement calling on citizens to seek out news from and create news stories for their nearest IMC.


"Fighting Bob" Joins the Fray

A new website combining community activism and investigative reporting is up and running here in PR Watch's home state of Wisconsin. is named after reformer, peace campaigner and Wisconsin Senator Bob La Follette who served in the US Senate from 1906 to 1925, running for president in 1924 on the Progressive Party ticket.


Smart-mobbing the War

Largely unnoticed by the press, "hacktivists" like Eli Pariser have used the Internet to create what George Packer calls "an instantaneous movement. ... During the past three months it has gathered the numbers that took three years to build during Vietnam. It may be the fastest-growing protest movement in American history. ...



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