Posted by PR Watch Admin on September 09, 2014

New reports from the Center for Media and Democracy/ on the John Doe criminal probe.

Posted by Mary Bottari on January 08, 2015

After more than four decades of producing some of the most hard-hitting news shows and documentaries ever aired on public television, Bill Moyers concluded his last show with a message to a new generation of progressives, "over to you now."

Posted by Brendan Fischer on January 05, 2015

“You look out your window and see people protesting, and then look at ‘Selma,’ and it looks similar”

Posted by PR Watch Admin on November 10, 2014

During his first run for the White House, Barack Obama promised that he would take “a back seat to no one” on Net Neutrality.

Posted by PR Watch Admin on October 28, 2014

Educators and parents are slamming TIME magazine editors for their November 3rd issue cover, which they say levies "malicious" and "false" attacks against the nation's public school teachers.

Posted by PR Watch Admin on September 29, 2014

BREAKING NEWS - They're selling us another war on television.

Posted by PR Watch Admin on July 10, 2014

Tell the President America's Best Reporters Should Be on the Beat, Not in Jail


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