By Sheldon Rampton on August 09, 2007

"Over the weekend," comments, "AT&T gave us a glimpse of their plans for the Web when they censored a Pearl Jam performance that didn’t meet their standard of 'Internet freedom.' During the live Lollapalooza Webcast of a concert by the Seattle-based super-group, the telco giant muted lead singer Eddie Vedder just as he launched into a lyric against President George Bush. The lines — 'George Bush, leave this world alone' and 'George Bush find yourself another home' were somehow lost in the mix." After the band complained, an AT&T flack said the deletion was a mistake by its "content monitor," who was only supposed to be deleting profanity. (But since when do music groups need "content monitoring" at all?)

Bill Moyers presents "United States of ALEC," a report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of -- ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.