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04 December 2013
-- by Calvin Sloan, People For The American Way Throughout the 1980s, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) -- now infamous for its work on behalf of "stand your ground" laws and... more
03 December 2013
-- by Lisa Graves and Brendan Fischer The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will gather state legislators and corporate interests this week in Washington, DC, to craft a corporate-... more
26 November 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Friday Thorn, (Madison, WI) – The Center for Media and Democracy's (CMD) series of profiles on "America's Highest Paid Government Workers... more
21 November 2013
-- by Gabe Elsner, Energy & Policy Institute On November 14, the Arizona Corporate Commission (ACC), the state entity responsible for regulating utilities, voted to charge ratepayers a monthly... more
19 November 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Friday Thorn, -- Hint: They aren't your local teachers, nurses and social workers -- New initiative will expose the CEOs who take over... more
19 November 2013
DHS I&A DSAC Records Illuminate Aspects of Federal Public-Private Intelligence Partnership: Wikileaks, Anonymous, Booz Allen Hamilton, Career CIA Officers at DHS Domestic Intelligence Office... more
19 November 2013
According to a new report, CEOs at the forefront of the drive to "fix the debt" by slashing Social Security and Medicare, possess personal retirement funds worth an average of $14.5 million, and... more
13 November 2013
Center for Media and Democracy and Progress Now Reports Show Expansive Reach Of State Policy Network FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rebekah Wilce, (608) 260-9713, Twelve... more
06 November 2013
-- by Connor Gibson, Greenpeace As freshly reported by the Huffington Post, ALEC is winding down a year of mostly failed attacks on clean energy laws, concluding with the ongoing final battle to... more
23 October 2013
-- by Chris Lehman, originally published by In These Times. Amid the backward reeling of Washington's bid to launch yet another Middle Eastern invasion, there was one unexpected collateral... more


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