Who Is Strumpette?

Howard Kurtz gives a shout out to an anonymous team of PR industry bloggers who are posting under the identity of "Strumpette," a slutty expert in marketing communications with "perfect perky boobs" who "sprinkles high-toned dissections of the flaws and foibles of the PR business with personal insults and the occasional expletive.


Crackdown in Cairo

"With the tacit consent of the Bush administration, authoritarian Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is continuing his campaign against the democratic movement that sprouted in his country last year," writes the Washington Post. His government has made it illegal to ""affront the president of the republic" — or insult parliament, public agencies, the armed forces, the judiciary. Journalists and bloggers have been arrested, jailed and brutally treated. "The crackdown on the press was predictable," the Post says, "because it followed Mr.



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