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When "Civil Rights" Means Ending Affirmative Action

Ward ConnerlyPeople in Colorado who signed an anti-affirmative action ballot initiative petition are charging that petition circulators deceived them about the measure's real purpose and intent.


Vets for Freedom Pushes School Too Far

It was originally planned as "a low-key classroom discussion about patriotism and service to country" at Forest Lake High School in Minnesota. But when the Republican Party-associated pro-Iraq war group Vets for Freedom "decided to call a press conference at the school and alerted media," things got heated.


The Best Environment Money Can Buy

Former Republican staffers of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources have formed a new group, Responsible Resources, to impact "the perennial debate over energy production and environmental protection." The group's first ad campaign criticizes "efforts to raise taxes on energy companies," reports The Hill.


Freedom's Watch Wants to be the Right's MoveOn

Bill Berkowitz reports, "a number of right wing groups have been contending for the unofficial designation of the conservative version of MoveOn.org, the liberal grassroots lobbying organization. These days, Freedom's Watch appears to have a leg up on them all. ...


Presidential Election Season Brings New, More Stupid 527 Groups

The Huffington Post and TPM Muckraker highlight the newest activities of Roger Stone, whose past includes a stint as the "youngest dirty trickster" for Richard Nixon and a recent alleged prank call to


Swift Boating John McCain

"A shadowy group calling itself Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain has been busy," reports Kevin Connolly, "handing out flyers implying that in Mr. McCain's long spell as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, during which he was tortured, he gave information to America's enemy. The evidence? Well, there isn't any. It's a straightforward attempt to take one of Mr.



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