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Fiddling With iTunes While the Country Burns

I've been following some of the recent writings of Patrick Ruffini, a former "eCampaign Director" for the Republican National Committee who is part of an effort to reinvent and reinvigorate the Republican Party in the United States. Ruffini is overall a fairly smart guy who is realistic enough to emphatically reject some of the more ridiculous conservative talking points. I've seen him write some astute analyses, particularly when writing about online political organizing.

Heart of Stone

Even Republican dirty-tricks operator Roger J. Stone, Jr. now says he regrets helping elect George W. Bush president in 2000. Stone, who led the "Brooks Brothers riot" that disrupted the 2000 election recount in Florida, now says he is troubled by the Bush administration's trampling of civil liberties and the war in Iraq.


Grassfire's Blitzkrieg of Fear Aimed at President-Elect Obama

Analyst Meg White examines the "blitzkrieg of fear mongering and misinformation" being whipped up against President-elect Barack Obama. "One phalanx in the fight belongs to Grassfire.org. ... Grassfire sent out an e-mail designed to scare people into joining its 'army that is ready to take on Obama's agenda.' ...


PR Consultant Gave Palin a Boost into the National Spotlight

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's meteoric rise to prominence on the national political scene after only 21 months in office came about with the help of a media relations and marketing consulting firm hired to draw national attention to the state's proposed natural gas pipeline project.



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