Academic Freedom Tested

University professors across the country have found their freedom to speak about the issues surrounding September 11 hemmed in by incensed students, alumni, and university officials. Academics have been shouted down by critics who say that now isn't the time to say anything that might offend others. At California State University at Chico, a professor who criticized U.S. foreign policy was heckled by students and received an e-mail barrage of hate messages from around the United States.


Cokeheads In Our Schools

Greenbrier high school senior, Mike Cameron was suspended from school for wearing a Pepsi shirt at a Coke Day rally at his school. The Coke Day rally, dreamed up by the school's student government, was part of a marketing contest that offered $10,000 to the high school that does the best job of distributing Coca-Cola coupons. At Greenbrier, students were encouraged to dress in Coke's red and white and lined up to spell out the word "COKE" while more than a dozen of the company's executives looked on.



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