Thanks for the Opportunity

Leslie Green at Stapleton Communications has a bachelor's degree in Marketing Communications from California Polytechnic State University, which must be where she learned how to stonewall reporters while still sounding upbeat. A detailed new investigative report charges her client, AXT Inc., with poisoning its workers with gallium arsenide, a potent carcinogen used to make semiconductors.


When FOX Attacks...

Shortly before former counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke's testimony to the September 11th commission, "the White House violated its long-standing rules by authorizing Fox News to air remarks favorable to Bush that Clarke had made anonymously at an administration briefing in 2002.


'Anti-Chemical' = Pro-Public Health

"Industry officials are expressing grave concern that a growing alliance between environmentalists and patient advocacy groups to link exposure to harmful pollution with chronic diseases and life-long disabilities could add credibility to activists' calls for stricter environmental requirements," Inside EPA reports.


Clear for Bush

The Clear Channel radio network says it didn't have a political agenda for canning shock jock Howard Stern, who has become an outspoken critic of President Bush. But new political contribution data shows that the network has given "$42,200 to Bush, vs. $1,750 to likely Democratic nominee John Kerry in the 2004 race," reports Jim Hopkins. "What's more, the executives and Clear Channel's political action committee gave 77% of their $334,501 in federal contributions to Republicans.


Bush Campaign Ads: Brought to You by ... Special Interests

Public Citizen has released a report outlining who helped pay for the Bush administration's campaign ads and what favors they have received during his presidency. Bush backers include the finance, real estate, communications, energy, health care, and insurance industries. The report also lists the tax breaks, regulatory changes, legislative favors and plum appointments Bush has given his backers.



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