Lies in the Name of the Free Market

Americans for Job Security logoA powerful advocacy organization has made a big impact on this midterm election cycle in states across the country. Americans for Job Security (AJS) has spent millions of dollars on attack ads targeting candidates they view as anti-free market. While this group believes in the free exchange of capital, they are vehemently opposed to the free exchange of information, at least when it comes to their sponsors. AJS has routinely denied requests for a list of donors. As a 501(c)(6), they do not have to reveal this information. But the IRS has stated that any 501(c)(6) group whose "primary purpose" is political activity, must name their donors. The Washington Post reports that AJS spends the vast majority of its budget on television and radio ads before elections. Groups such as Public Citizen have complained to the IRS about AJS' abuse of its tax-exempt status. But the ambiguous nature of the IRS' "primary purpose" standard has allowed AJS to continue spewing attack ads every election cycle.

Beyond the Pale

In addition to being shadowy and secretive, AJS' ads are often misleading, completely untrue, and even offensive. While attacking Congressman Zack Space, AJS stated that he voted for "job-killing energy taxes." AJS is referring to Space's vote in favor of a cap-and-trade system designed to slow global warming. While it is arguable that a cap-and-trade system will cause businesses to pass costs on to consumers, it cannot be equated to an energy tax.

AJS also accused former Colorado Lieutenant Governor and Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton of growing "the state bureaucracy by $43 million in just 3 years." While the state budget did grow by this amount during Norton's time in office, it was not because of her actions. Spending grew in Colorado because of an increase in federal funds, not because of any increases in taxes.

In a very disturbing case, AJS disseminated a television ad geared toward defeating Arkansas Senate candidate Bill Halter that has generated charges of racism. The TV spot depicts numerous Indians thanking Halter for outsourcing jobs to India. The ad's detractors have argued that the ad promotes stereotypes. In addition to being racist, the ad is not true. The Securities and Exchange Commission reported that while WebMethods did open a center in India while Halter was on the board, it had no effect on the loss of jobs in America.

Americans for Job Security joins all the other front groups springing up in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United, which gave corporations the right to spend unlimited funds to influence elections. These groups allow corporations to do just that while remaining anonymous. This kind of election hanky-panky makes SourceWatch an even more important resource for voters seeking the truth about suspicious groups with "feel good" names that suddenly appear and run over-the-top attack ads against candidates.


Thanks again for digging up the real info on this group. The conservatives have really done their homework when it comes to propaganda and the manipulation of language. So many Americans lack the understanding of the written and spoken word and how powerful they can be when skillfully applied. The fact that truth is not a necessary requirement in campaigns or advertisement or even in the news makes it that much more difficult for people who don't like to think. But what I don't understand is why they bother with all the lies since they control the election process anyway. Your vote doesn't matter in the least. If Diebold doesn't like the tally he just changes it. If the tally is challenged the Supreme Court just kills it. The secret society that runs this country is so entrenched do you think they are going to let an election spoil their good thing? I mean who in their right mind would support the republican party after the thorough pillaging they put us through the last 10 years? And look at the democrats anyway, totally ineffective, laying the blame on the minority! So the conservatives rule when they are the majority, and they rule when they are the minority! The democrats are just the left wing of the republican party so what do you expect will change after this election cycle? People wake up!

You see, that's the problem....those who vote for a "different" party give up after only one election cycle.....Americans like that have no focus and no ability to "stick it out" when it comes to voting for their interests or conscience. "Instant" satisfaction is desired. That has to change. Nothing in this world is "free." You have to fight for what you believe is right. And, that means if you loose you at loose going down fighting in what you believe. Wake up!

So we all agree on the PROBLEM. but what is the solution???? We have a vast electorate that can't read well and gets most of it's information from the 'main stream media' - or from the internet (if they are not vastly busy surviving.) I suggest that we - the lefties - must 'co-opt' the media of choice for the masses - the supermarket people mags, and shopping coupon sheets. the 'people' must be reached - but the left does NOT control the major media. I CANNOT understand why there wasn't a fight from the left to get control of a major cable tv station - or at least to stop Murdoch. (See a fabulous article in this month's Harper's magazine of Murdoch's buying of Congress to get Fox.) THINK ABOUT THIS PLEASE - ALL OF YOU WHO CARE.

SourceWatch is nothing but bullshit propaganda in of itself. They deliberately lie to protect corrupt groups like PETA and the PCRM,

Dear Cody-- Your allegation is simply untrue. If there is something that is not accurate, please let us know, but entries by SourceWatch contributors are strictly sourced so a reader can check out the basis for statements made. Sometimes people don't like to see the truth in print, like about the conditions at some factory farms producing the food they eat. Or, are you a factory farmer?

"Dear Cody-- Your allegation is simply untrue." Then perhaps you'd like to demonstrate how a group that has such close ties to the Animal Rights cult movement and goes to painstaking deliberate efforts to conceal their extremism and bad science ISN'T shilling for such groups. "If there is something that is not accurate, please let us know," Gee, where to start? "but entries by SourceWatch contributors are strictly sourced so a reader can check out the basis for statements made." Yes, sourced to blatantly biased, misleading, antiscientific, unreliable and morally- and financially- questionable sources like the PCRM. There are "sources" out there that claim the Holocaust never happened, or that Communism has only ever been a force for good. needless to say, that doesn't make it true. "Sometimes people don't like to see the truth in print, like about the conditions at some factory farms producing the food they eat." And sometimes people have the time, skepticism and mental acquity to actually educate themselves on the realities of such things, instead of blindly trusting baseless propaganda garnered by Animal Rights terrorists and cultists. The fact that you even use an Orwellian scare-term like "factory farms" precludes you immediately form this group. "Or, are you a factory farmer? " That MUST be it. I don't believe the garbage printed in PETA chick-tacts, so I *MUST* be some well-funded stooge of the nefarious phantom Corporate Boogeyman. Your Tin Foil Hat's a little crooked.