Wendell Headlines Triple Bottom Line Conference

The Center for Media Democracy's Wendell Potter was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Triple Bottom Line Investment (TBLI) conference in Amsterdam this past week. This year's TBLI conference focused on worldwide "health insurance and related human rights issues, the Credit Crunch and its effects on investment ethics values and investment, and the Copenhagen Climate Council and its consequences for investment portfolios," according to their statement about the event.

Wendell said he was honored to be part of this effort to help show investors that the global recession and the failure of values demonstrate that new models for social investing are needed. In his keynote address, he said he could not think of a sector of the U.S. economy where the triple bottom line concept -- which he summarized as "people, planet, and profits"-- is more important right now than health care. He added, "It is hard to find a better example of the consequences of failing to adhere to that concept than the U.S. health care system -- the health insurance component of that system in particular."

Lisa Graves

Lisa Graves is President of the Board of the Center for Media and Democracy and President of True North Research. She is a well-known researcher, writer, and public speaker. Her research and analysis have been cited by every major paper in the country and featured in critically acclaimed books and documentaries, including Ava Du Vernay’s award-winning film, “The 13th,” Bill Moyers’s “United States of ALEC,” and Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously.”



Had lunch yesterday with a friend and colleague just returned from Amsterdam who said, without my prompting, that the talk was by far the best at the meeting. Steve