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  • Reply to: The Two Faces of Janus: The Billionaires Behind the Supreme Court Case Poised to Dismantle Public Sector Unions   1 year 1 month ago
    OEA/NEA is the big union for teachers in Ohio. They do NOT stand in the way when a school district wants to fire a teacher.. even mid year. Their contract negotiations are often "no raise" contracts and then they peddle this line that there was "nothing they could do". I'm sorry. Unions, through their "you have to pay us either way" mentality, have basically given a middle finger to the membership. All talk with pickets and facebook posts. Forget Donald Trump or the Koch brothers... OEA's demise will be totally self-inflicted. People aren't going to pay $800 a year for a no raise, "at will" contract.
  • Reply to: Christian Right Groups Wage Crusade to Capture Courts   1 year 1 month ago
    ALEC has been in many of the mainstream churches and organizations for a long time. I saw it back in 2005, or around that time when Dodson of Focus and the Family fired a gent in his organization for addressing climate change or recycling, something like that. In AZ there was a church that spent a whole sermon speaking about how Obama's birth certificate had been altered. It goes on and on. What we need is a New Economy, so I guess I will become a church.
  • Reply to: Scott Walker: Men Can Sue if a Woman Gets an Abortion, but Women Can't Sue for Pay Discrimination   1 year 1 month ago
    I agree that if a woman is pregnant by means of something unwanted? Then in the first couple months she should have an abortion. Why would she carry it if it isn’t wanted? Also for a woman to choose for the father? That she is getting am abortion against the fathers wishes? He should be able to have recourse to be allowed the baby! I’m going through this right now.’I was deliberately deceived into impregnating a woman who had agreed to have a family. Now she threatens abortion daily and if she has an abortion? I should have a right to feel whole again. Just because she changes her mind doesn’t mean I should be forced to also! Because what if it were the other way around?! What if she didn’t want one and neither did the father but she changes her mind. So she gets to keep it and the father has to pay child support and be a father when they’d agreed not to? Women consistently use their status as leverage to get what they want. And what they want most? IS SYMPATHY AND ATTENTION!
  • Reply to: ALEC Legislator of the Week: Homosexuals and Psychopathic Killers “It’s a Behavior Thing”   1 year 2 months ago
    Mr Wiener, I await your forthcoming article on the State Innovation Exchange. Specifically, California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a Democrat and member of the progressive ALEC doppelgänger. Also, I look forward to your exposing union monies that underwrite legislator travel to State Innovation Exchange meetings.
  • Reply to: Show Me the Money: Meet the Multimillionaire Squeezing Missouri's Schools   1 year 2 months ago Scroll down to reference. He and wife have donated nearly $0.5M to Paul Ryan.