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  • Reply to: Billionaire vs. Billionaire: Illinois Governors Race Breaking All State Campaign Finance Records   1 year 3 months ago
    Reading stuff like this makes me want to vomit and this is why we no longer have a democracy. There is no way three extremely wealthy guys, who got rich taking other people's money, will ever help the 99%.
  • Reply to: Reform Groups Strongly Oppose Constitutional Convention   1 year 4 months ago
    There are groups and people who would use their wealth to pay attendees of a Convention of States to assure that changes would be made to destroy our Constitution. George Soros, the ACLU, the Southern Law Poverty Center, the communist party, pro immigration organizations and those who wish to destroy our Second Amendment Rights are some of the groups who would fund the demise of our Constitution. They would pay attendees to eliminate our gun rights, eliminate freedom of speech, open our borders and implement socialism throughout our country. Our Constitution has worked well for us for over 200 years and it does not need to be changed but its provisions need to be adhered to. Our congress has stopped working for the American people and therein lies the problem. That problem will not be resolved by decimating our Constitution. If there is a Convention of States, there will be moles and special interest groups who will bribe the attendees to achieve their anti American evil agenda.
  • Reply to: "National School Choice Week" Fueled by Major Right-Wing Funders and Corporate Lobby Groups   1 year 5 months ago
    People need to realize that for private profit schools are just that for private profit, and not for any student. There should not be private profit schools that use tax payer funds for the same reason of the founding of our nation, i.e. "there cannot be any taxation without representation." School board meetings of private profit schools are not open to the tax payer. Government provides for public institutions as a means of providing for and creating a higher civilization. Those who choose not to participate in those public institutions are not released from there obligation and participation in our nation and civilization of a civil society. Those who choose a private institution may freely do so, but without taxpayer representation there is no public funding. Those private institutions that accept public funding should expect to accept taxpayer representation, and no longer be private.
  • Reply to: ALEC Backs Extreme Climate Denial, Constitutional Rewrite, Corporate Wish List at Nashville Summit   1 year 6 months ago
    My focus is limited to the discussion regarding the growing call, nationally, to execute a Constitutional right under Article V to call a Convention of States to PROPOSE amendments to the Constitution which require the same standard to be ratified: Three fourths of the States to confirm as usual. You wrote: "...right-wing’s drive for a constitutional convention to rewrite the U.S. Constitution." The judiciary does not, and cannot, have any say in the process. Even Congress has no role beyond calling the Convention. You wrote: "ALEC is banking on none of the decades-old applications, or applications with significantly different language, will be thrown out by the courts." A Convention of States to propose amendments is NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION! You wrote: "For anyone entertaining the notion that a Constitutional Convention would be an exercise in popular democracy, this is not your crowd." There's so much more but I am limited to essentially a long tweet.
  • Reply to: ALEC Backs Extreme Climate Denial, Constitutional Rewrite, Corporate Wish List at Nashville Summit   1 year 6 months ago
    Globalism and central rule v. individual liberty. Give me liberty. And yes, I am not a global robot in my thinking.