Already Elizabeth Warren Deserves a Promotion

So the Washington insiders tell us that Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren was named as a "special adviser" to the President in order to dodge a lengthy confirmation battle in the Senate. Rather than nominate her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on a permanent or even interim basis, Obama instead announced an odd, hybrid appointment where she works for both the White House and U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. In theory, she will have full authority to set up the CFPB, but does not have the title of "Director" that goes with it. Hmmm. She appears to be happy about all this, but it leaves us here at BanksterUSA unsatisfied. This is a temporary appointment. What is she? A Kelly Girl? We are sick of temporary jobs. We prefer permanent things like a title, a salary, benefits, five years guaranteed, and most importantly, power. Already Elizabeth Warren deserves a promotion and in this GRITtv interview, Mary Bottari proposes a new role for America's favorite consumer advocate.

Mary Bottari

Mary Bottari is a reporter for the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). She helped launch CMD's award-winning ALEC Exposed investigation and is a two-time recipient of the Sidney Prize for public interest journalism from the Sidney Hillman Foundation.


Come on President Obama is putty in the hands of the banksters. They run this country! It could be that Obama is being forced to play dead or it may be that it was the plan from the get go. But it is quite obvious that the fed and the banksters are totally in control of government as they continue to pillage the middle east as well as America. The banking bill is a joke as far as any meaningful reform. Just like health care reform it helps entrench those who have gotten exceedingly wealthy by ripping off the American public. They will not allow Ms Warren or anybody else to see the golden goose and then live to tell about. She is in grave danger because she has the support of the public. They will find a way to keep her out of the important secrecy necessary to continue the plunder. Obama may be saving her life by giving her this pompous appointment.